why did the scientist make such a big electric saw to weigh tons!

one of the world's biggest power saws, located in kazakhstan, the chainsaw weighs 45000 tons, is a pretty horrible beast to the machine, basically cutting the world nothing can stop it, even if it is a huge mountain, with a wave of his hand, also can't afford it.

even now in the developed science and technology, in the mountains of mining is a very difficult thing, this needs a very practical tool, to complete the mission impossible.

this machine behemoth, at an astonishing 45 meters, even transformers prime before it will appear very small.

if you want to operate the machine, need to work together 27 miners, per hour of work efficiency can be the exploitation of 4500 tons of coal.however, because the volume is too large, it will take three hours to move about 1.5 kilometers.

if like transformers has the ability of deformation, believe that will certainly can greatly improve the efficiency.however, the current saw is quite amazing, and it's incredible that the rotating gears are capable of producing such a powerful production.

but in its tonnage, cost is not too expensive, about 568 million yuan or so.it is important that this machine is easy to operate, easy to maintain, can adapt to various complex mining conditions, and can also use modern management style!

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