how much longer is your ring finger than your index finger?measure your athletic talent!

in china, there is an ancient fortune-telling method called palmistry.

/p>, a fortune teller, if you look at your hand, you'll know if you're going to be rich, when you're going to get married, and you'll be a few years old.

, but recently scientists have started to look at the palm of their hand, and they even published a paper to tell you that you can know a person's athletic talent by the palm reading.?(and this black technology...)

how do you determine your sports talent?

now, place your palm on the table and look closely at your ring finger and index finger.if you have the following situation, it may indicate that you have a better athleticism.

1, your ring finger length> your index finger length, you may have a better athleticism.

2, the length of your ring finger length=you, you may be more general sports talent.

<3, your ring finger length your index finger length, you may exercise talent is poorer.

specific algorithm is based on your present your ring finger length the length of the index finger, to find your long than, refers to long than the smaller the value of(that is, the longer the ring finger ratio), then your sports talent is, the better.

you might think that this is a bit of a bullshit, and why my athleticism is determined by the length of a finger!?but the researchers, john manning and rogan taylor, may come up with various proofs to make you face the fact that...

what mean long than?

is the same as the above calculation method, which refers to the number of quotient between the index finger and ring finger, which is hardly affected by age.

has some indirect evidence that the longer ratio depends on the balance between testosterone(the male hormone) and estrogen in the early stages of embryonic development(from the middle of the pregnancy).the more testosterone the embryo produces, the longer the ring finger, the lower the length of the index.

this may explain why men tend to have a longer ring finger than their index finger, and the length of a woman's ring finger and index finger is generally close.

the womb to form of congenital advantage?

, first of all, we're talking here about the fact that the long ratio itself does not provide any innate athletic advantage, but rather it reflects your testosterone level in the embryo period.

and fetal testosterone levels have a strong and long-term effect on the development of the body.for example, the brain, heart, muscles and bones, which affect athletic performance, are both grown and developed in relation to the level of testosterone in the womb.

, which means longer than to a certain extent, reflects whether the development and growth of your various physical activity conditions are good or bad, thus reflecting the level of your movement in the future.

refers to a person who spends a lot of lower than are more likely to win in the competitive sports?

study data indicated that people with low finger length tend to have strong visual-spatial abilities and cognitive abilities, perhaps because their right hemisphere develops better.these capabilities are essential to tracking the trajectory of a ball, observing the ground, and making tactical movements.

nba star tracy michael grady hand

minnesota, according to a survey conducted in the high school boys found:refers to the long low than boys, regardless of the age and size, the grip strength are stronger than long than high classmates, if the stand or fall of physical quality as well as a healthy, then refers to the long significantly more healthy than people in the low.

there are data, refers to the length ratio and cardiopulmonary function and has a positive correlation relationship between muscle strength, they tend to be more strong, more aggressive, more adventurous, this all of all, have enough response refers to the long than low, it is easier to win in the competitive sports.

nba star kobe bryant's hand

an interesting research

the researchers made an interesting research, they found that professional football player contrast ordinary football fan, compared to substitute their starters, international contrast never into the national team players, team player occasionally into common use national team players, refers to the length of the former are lower than those of all.

sprinter usain bolt, mr thain hand

although different sports, in the mode of motion is obvious surprised, but since then in american football, basketball, fencing, handball, kabaddi a physical contact sport(india), rowing, rugby, running(including sprints and off-road), slalom, sumo, surfing, swimming, tennis and volleyball movement, according to research on refers to a person who spends a lot of lower than generally has more outstanding performance.

nba star lebron james hand

but for some groups of comprehensive sports, refers to the athletes of long than low not particularly obvious advantages, the main reason is that the movement to win often depends on teamwork and the ability of other uncertain factors, personal activity levels in which the role not dominate the game.

boxing champion mike tyson's hand, looks is longer than the middle finger ring finger

refers to whether long than reflect the testosterone levels of the adult?

we have said before, is refers to the long growth performance than for you in the womb, so even if refers to the long low, also do not need special lose heart, because there is no valid data can point refers to the long than whether reflects the testosterone levels of an adult.

, after all, it doesn't mean anything about the length of the ring finger than the index finger, but ultimately it depends on the muscles in your body and your own mind.

is the person who is lower than the lower one.~