what does it mean for sunspots to disappear completely within a month?

the future network comprehensive report according to the central news media(www.k618.cn) of the russian academy of sciences institute of physics x-ray astronomy laboratory, the sun of the sun's activity is gradually tending to zero, and the number of sunspots is considered evaluation of solar activity is the most important characteristics of the active degree.

is the face of the sun facing the earth, and now you can't see any spots.

no sunspots sun(satellite observations)

scholars pointed out that it is difficult to determine whether the other side the sun now have spots, but according to the other side of the sun taken two weeks ago to the photographs of the earth did not find any spots.the sun's current appearance looks perfect, without any"blemish"and almost identical to what it was shown before the 17th century.

now the sun has entered a phase of gradual decline in sunspots.within two to three months, the number of sunspots will completely disappear.thus, based on observations of the surface of the sun, the evolution of the sun's activity is now perfectly consistent with its"performance"in the past cycle.

sunspot free day each year since 1849 and the annual average sunspot number

it makes a lot of people are beginning to worry, will soon enter the low solar activity years?is the sun going to sleep?is the earth going into a new"ice age"?

had a report earth to the sun 2030 going into the ice age"is very popular, this paper recalls the period 1645-1715 of the"little ice age", the situation is too sad.it is recorded that the sun's activity decayed to a very low state, and the sunspots had few records.this time around, there is a global trend of falling temperatures.most of britain's rivers are frozen, and people are skating on the thames.worldwide crop yields have fallen, and in many places there has been a massive hunger.

is associated with changes in the number of sunspots.the number of sunspots is the main parameter for measuring the solar 11-year cycle.the solar cycle has been developing for 270 years.the number of sunspots will peak once every 11 years, and the number of spots will be minimized at the halfway point of each 11-year period.for 200 years, the underlying causes of these changes remain unsolved mysteries.it was only in the mid-20th century that the sun's magnetic field changed every 11 years, and the sun's magnetic field was constantly changing and strengthening and weakening.

sunspots changes will also bring strong space environment events, such as the end of october to early november in 2003, the famous"halloween"solar storm events happened, erupted x28 solar flares, is recorded in the history of the most powerful flares.at the time, about half of the satellites were malfunctioning, global communications were disrupted and global positioning systems were less accurate.

may also lead to great changes of the earth's magnetic field and high energy electron binge, commonly known as"satellite killer", will cause the deep charging effect of satellite, material damage to the satellite, destruction of electronic devices, serious when even lead to satellite scrap.


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