the earth is in a hurry!scientists have signed a second human warning

at the end of 1992, 1700 scientists around the world sent a terrible"human"warning, think that humans have to push the earth's ecological system to the edge of the fracture and on the way to destroy the earth more walk more far.warning lists the environmental impact of the plague in the bible, such as stratospheric ozone depletion, air and water pollution, loss of fisheries collapse and soil productivity, deforestation, species extinction and the burning of fossil fuels caused catastrophic climate change.

this letter, particle physicists henry kendall says, if not properly, we now many of the practices in the future to bring a serious threat to human society and the plants and animals, and maybe change the earth, so that it cannot in ways we know to maintain life.

25 years later, the human is becoming more and more rich, have become seems to be getting worse.recently, the 15000 scientists from 184 countries around the world to assess the various environmental threats we face, after the second sounded a warning:human us in solving these predictable environmental challenges not only didn't made enough progress, shockingly, we have become the damage to the environment.

warned that over the past 25 years we are the only bright spot is the hole in the ozone layer over the antarctic shrink to the minimum in history, but a 62% increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the earth's average temperature rose by more than half a degree celsius, horribly population grew by 2 billion animal species but the shocking to destroy nearly 30%, everything becomes more and more out of control.

, scientists say, might have to make any change has been a little too late, but the decrease of the antarctic ozone hole shows that as long as we take decisive action, can make a positive change.the letter calls for a global to establish nature reserves, reducing food waste, development of green technology and changing consumption patterns to economic stimulus, reverse bearing life of the earth's environment is more and more out of control.

warning letter by the oregon state university ecologist william led, polly,"he said, the second human warning is not a bluff, we have clear evidence that humans are walking on a slippery slope, it is time for the world to a big discussion of climate and environment, let the earth's path to leave out of control.

is published in the journal biological science on monday.

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