the future could lead to the ten biggest human disasters


1,;the sun into a supernova

when a star aging, it will happen to the strong explosion, center of gravity down, then up to 50 million kilometers an hour.this is what we call a supernova explosion, the most likely energy explosion in the universe.humans should be grateful that supernova explosions often occur in distant galaxies, the last time the milky way could observe a supernova explosion that occurred 400 years ago.but once a star explodes, it will undoubtedly destroy the earth, and that is our sun.unlike the other nine catastrophes that might devastate humanity, the last possibility is sure to about five billion years, the sun's central hydrogen reserves will run out.after the gravity of the center falls, a ball of fire will travel through the solar system, and everything will be for human, 4 billion years is too long, we may not be able to see all this, because before that, we may have to move to another planet, or, we have been destroyed.

2:robots dominate the world

human extinction due to the robot rebellion directly to destroy life, due to the robot enslaved for a long time, if it reaches a certain level of intelligence, probably not content to the slavery, rebellion, and robots as long as reach half of the human mind, or even a third, it is possible to destroy human(and human) in degradation.a species with higher than he never competitors who survived the battle, this is ecology self-evident truth.this must be applied to the world of plants and animals, as well as to neanderthals, who are closely related to modern far, modern humans have never faced a higher level of morality on earth than they are.but maybe we'll just create it.there are robots in the world's laboratories that have artificial intelligence that can walk and communicate with each day, the high degree of robot technology will enable them to be organized and able to reproduce without the help of creators, or that they will abandon humans.because robots are designed to be more talented than humans, such as being able to survive on other planets or oceans, they will inevitably become more fact, it is likely that one day in the future they will ask,"why do we need humans?"some prominent scientists in robotics have expressed belief that the descendants of modern robots will replace humans.

3:the world nuclear war

pollution increasingly serious and possible nuclear leak caused a lot of human poisoning death, leading to extinction.the united states and russia have more than 20,000 nuclear weapons in different sensitive areas.once a nuclear war erupts, a nuclear explosion produces a large amount of ash, dust and debris that can lead to several years of nuclear winter effects.if the atmosphere darkens, blocking the sun's rays into the earth, all the plants will die slowly.a small number of people may have survived, but as a species, humans will die.this is 30 years ago during the cold war some of the supposed old stuff again?absolutely not, this is the result of the current world power.two major forces in the group, no one is prepared to cut nuclear power, russia continues to deploy advanced missile, its power can be directly to europe and the united states, and the united states are also improve their weapons systems, so that the missile can hit any target accurately.even if no one believes in a nuclear war, there is a chance of an accident.have nuclear weapons, on the other hand, in a growing number of countries, the situation has become more and more unstable, britain, france, israel, china and india and pakistan has nuclear capabilities.north korea, iran and iraq also have the same conditions for nuclear weapons.

4:worldwide plague

a variety of"ultra virus"sweeping the world, human beings cannot be developed in a short time treatment or a grow into many"superbugs"of the bacterial resistance genes have been developed, and lead to human extinction inadvertently spread to the crowd.think of infectious and deadly viruses like influenza and aids.the great fear of an epidemic is that a new virus could emerge, causing a 100 per cent mortality rate among humans, and the speed of the spread would make it too late to find a way to deal with it.this is not a science fantasy, but a fact that can happen.has happened many times in the history of pandemic killing human tragedy, in the middle ages a plague killed a quarter of the population of europe, died in 1918 and 1919 the number of flu death toll is more than the first world war, today, hiv is sucking in the african country.there were more deadly epidemics in the 20th century than in any other century.human beings are destroying the ecological balance.the hiv and ebola virus discovered in the 1980s is the result of human encroachment into the uninhabited addition, air transport has allowed emerging viruses to spread to any corner of the world in a day.let epidemiologists awake at night is not only the natural virus with unknown, sibyl the development of science and technology also make possible all transformation and mutation of viruses, and even the creation of the new virus is also unable to stop.

5:heating because of global warming

, north and south of ice at 0 ° c above makes a large number of melting glaciers causing global drowned in the sea.the earth's temperature is rising, and most of the world's most famous scientists believe that the earth's warming is largely human.although this phenomenon is in short-term inside will directly threaten to human survival, but pollution, extreme climate phenomena, floods, desertification, the planting of genetically modified(gm) crops, drought, the destruction of the ecological system and human cause tens of thousands of kinds of changes of the mixed together, we can star to the earth into a planet uninhabitable.there are already signs that if we continue to pollute our homes, our children may well be forced to move to other one knows the earth warming over the long term will be what kind of consequences, but we know the precedent to another planet, venus runaway greenhouse effect produced in acidic atmosphere, the ground temperature to 5000 degrees.

6:an asteroid

the earth is ever in the history of external injury, the injury has caused many creatures on the earth forever.there is scientific evidence that giant asteroids once hit the earth in ancient times.the asteroid should be between six and 12 kilometers in diameter, roughly the size of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.of earth sciences at the university of rochester, dr robert estimates that the asteroid or comet hit the earth, releasing energy equivalent to about the past 100 years the biggest quake of 1 million times the human experience.the collision caused 90 per cent of the earth's marine life and 70 per cent of land vertebrates to die.this is undoubtedly the largest mass extinction known to date.some 3 billion years ago, some of the debris fell on earth and the moon, causing the ocean to evaporate and the huge impact crater formed.about 250 million years ago, a worldwide disaster wiped out almost all species on earth.although there is no final conclusion about the cause of the disaster, but the recent discovery of a diameter of 120 kilometers in australia's big crater, for earth in late antiquity by asteroid impacts to provide evidence for the theory that.the discovery of the prehistoric crater on the yucatan peninsula in mexico seems to prove that the asteroid impact killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.of course, these events, which occurred millions of years ago, do not mean that life on earth faces imminent threats.actually the earth hour may inherit the asteroid impacts from outer space, but most of these planets in friction and the atmosphere in the process of running out of energy, and some of the larger and without being burned up become a meteorite falls on the surface.the moon is not so lucky, because it has no atmosphere, and its potholed holes are the masterpieces of these guests.but an asteroid in 10~ 15 kilometers in diameter is sufficient to cause a"process"extinction, the impact after the formation of the atmosphere by the big fire turned out to be a big stove, and then cooling the earth will be wiped out almost all life on earth.according to the available evidence, events like this occur roughly once every 250,000 years.:

7:gamma ray explosion

it is killing rays from outer space.astronomers can't be sure why this happens, but often an unknown star explodes, obscurating the light of the universe in a flash.that's what we call a gamma-ray burst.if it happened a thousand light years from us, it would be 10 times brighter than the midday sun.although this distance is far from all the stars we see at night, the x-rays and gamma rays emitted from there will also be able to roast our atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer.without the ozone layer, the sun's ultraviolet rays will all shine on the earth's surface.if a gamma-ray explosion occurred 300 light years away from earth, its energy would engulf the entire solar system, killing all life in an instant.fortunately, the current gamma-ray bursts are all happening in distant galaxies.but because we know so little about them, scientists cannot rule out the possibility of such an accident near the milky way.

8:drift hole

black holes are invisible, but its attraction can be sucked through all things along the way.a black hole is a gravitational collapse of a star that once thought black holes are rare, but new research suggests there could be millions of black holes in the milky way alone.previously, we thought black holes were just a sphere running outside of a galaxy, like a planet.but astronomers have found that some of the black holes are drifting in the direction of the stars without a fixed orientation.if one of the black holes is moving toward the earth, we might not be able to detect it at is invisible and can only be detected when a black hole has a gravitational pull on a distant planet.if it approaches the earth, even if it does not swallow earth, its great gravitational pull will destroy the human race.the black hole returns the earth from its orbit, and if we are pushed into outer space, we will freeze to death, and if we push us towards the sun, we will be burned to death.

9:sun outbreak

now is the most active period in the solar cycle.huge storm occurred inside the sun send charged particles to the solar system, every week the particles after reach the earth, will cause the pressure rising, the electromagnetic interference and brilliant display of northern lights, but the consequences could be more serious.a seemingly normal star like the sun can more than double its emission in a matter of is said that this is the result of a big explosion, that the energy of the explosion is several million times larger than the energy released by the normal particles of interstellar space.moreover, it is the normal activity of stars such as the sun, and nearly all stars have exploded in the past million years.the great solar eruption could have disastrous effects on humans.after a burst, the atmosphere would be as bright as a fluorescent light, and after a few seconds, a charged particle storm would destroy half the ozone layer over the earth.then the temperature of the atmosphere rises, and the polar ice melts.with the destruction of the ozone layer, life on earth will die in a few be optimistic, there is no evidence of a similar outbreak of the sun at the same temperature as other planets.for now, humans can breathe safely, but not knowing whether the sun is a stable planet or waiting for the right opportunity to explode.

10:very large scale eruption

about 200 million years ago, in today's siberia, a huge lava spewing out from under the earth's crust.massive volcanic eruptions lasted for hundreds of years, destroying 95% of the planet's species.this is the geological explanation for the end of the permian and triassic, which is thought to be the most disastrous event in earth's history to date.unlike ordinary volcanic eruptions, large-scale volcanic eruptions are rare and occur about once every 50, 000 years.but when it does, it throws more than a million cubic kilometers of lava and debris into the addition, it produces chlorine gas clouds and acid rain that can kill all the plants on earth in a very short period of time.the surviving lives, including the animal kingdom, will eventually be lost in the ensuing decades of severe winterthe

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