were the lizards born of ancient control of the earth?still no solution

the first was discovered in the united states, and is said to be in the united states, south carolina, in a swampy area where some people have witnessed the lizard, half man and half beast.according to the description, he can see the lizards reach two meters in height, and there are a pair of red eyes, the whole body is green scales, as we humans are walking upright, but his strength is much larger than we humans, this kind of lizard people can one overturned cars, and the running speed is very fast, much faster than the speed of the car, even estimate lizards run speed per hour is likely to reach sixty-five km or so, many scientists believe the discovery may this lizard found people in the united states should belong to an alien species, but about lizards or there are many mysteries unsolved.

in fact, a total of more than ten times back and forth in the united states the lizard that has been found in the different place, and there are different witness personnel, related description about this kind of lizard people are roughly similar, so this kind of lizard people don't really exist?even some think that these lizards people may be just a alien in the earth is used to control our human a special alien species, simple, the lizard is alien from our human birth, actually aliens of these creatures have been controlled the development of our human.

, although this statement sounds particularly outrageous, there is no scientific evidence so far to prove that these claims are unreliable.

about the riddle of the lizard, but has attracted many scholars study of exploration research, particularly in some of the unofficial history will be a lot of these lizards people described, so a lot of people, but also the scholar thinks, actually this kind of lizard man just a handful of witnesses saw, and there is no scientific evidence to directly prove the lizards exist on earth.

now of darwin's theory of evolution, for the existence of this kind of lizard people should be set up, mainly because the lizard man lack of survival condition and child-bearing, but also some scholars believe that, perhaps the lizard is originated in ancient human, and our perception of the aliens are very limited, there may be some unknown links or the blank area has not been discover.

some scholars believe that the lizard is probably comes from the bottom of the sea floor, the scientists found a seat in the indian ocean in submarine underwater ruins of ancient india, the underwater ruins to now are more complete, especially all kinds of building structure and in the ancient city of underwater found many human remains, perhaps the discovery of these lizards people dry the ancient city of the sea there is a lot to do.

now for this kind of lizard man in the world of research and exploring the topic is very seriously, as is known to all, according to darwin's theory of evolution before speaking, should be a lizard is impossible to become human evolution directly, if a lizard people really exist in this world, then prove that actually there is a defect of darwin's theory of evolution.

and scientists think that in the long history of evolution of human, maybe really can have this kind of special cases, and this does the lizard man was not able to draw a clear conclusion really exist, but now is the lizard does exist a lot of mystery, scientists need to constantly continue to explore research.

although now about found lizards have a lot of people, and the presence of a witness has seen this, but actually there are a lot of doubts about this lizard man cannot solve, like the presence of these witnesses how to see the creature?how do you respond to that?why do we humans see this particular monster, but we never get it.

all in all, in the scientific community has a lot of scholars still believe that lizard man might really just aliens on our planet's a special kind of creatures, and they live on the earth's estimation of time is very long, even some people is therefore put forward the lizard conspiracy theories, if these lizards people is really alien creatures on the earth, so it to the development of our human life and whether there will be dangerous?

even among the lizard conspiracy theory has also proposed that the lizard had earlier than our earth humans rule the earth, that is, to some extent, in fact the lizard is earlier than we humans before birth in this life on earth, of course, this kind of view is very fantastic, but these are just some scientific researchers speculate.

:is there any aliens on the earth, and are these lizards really there?, it also need to continuously explore research scientists, in all over our planet, and the higher wisdom could be in addition to our human biology, also there are really many unknown biological wisdom, which all need to uncover the mystery.