mars has found that man-made traces of mars may have existed

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in the past few decades the nasa spent countless money and experience to explore mars, nasa has been that a habitable planet mars, but mars besides have similar to the earth's deserts and dust, other really is different from the earth, as if the earth lost after the formation of the ice age, mars is given priority to with carbon dioxide, and the atmosphere is thin, crustal activity on mars is not active, the surface topography leave traces of the largely originates from ancient times, there are many with volcanoes, valley and crater, basically can be concluded that there is no life on mars.but there are a lot of interesting things on mars, and these things could have been left behind in ancient times.

some time ago have said a lot of posts saw people walking on mars, there saw a spoon-shaped, actually these probably are the ancient life on mars to stay, maybe even more than the wisdom of the earth, let's look at the recent nasa mars images released on the more unusual patterns.









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