pyramid every stone how many tons can be built high? the original principle is so simple!

khufu pyramid located in cairo, egypt, is one of the seven ancient wonders, tower 146.59 meters high, equivalent to 40-storey building so high, the tower with 2.3 million boulders piled up, the weight of these stones varies, the lightest also has 1.5 tons, the highest is 160 tons, the whole tower gross weight is about 6840000 tons.

numerous archeologists have broken their brains about how the pyramid was was suggested that the pyramid was the legacy of the last highly civilized society on earth after the demise.some even said that the pyramid was built by aliens and did not have half a dime relationship with the egyptians.the egyptians are very angry after listening to these words, because this is tantamount to denying the civilization and wisdom of the egyptian ancestors! in fact, the pyramid is neither the legacy of the demise nor the construction of aliens, but to actually consolidate the crystallization of our human wisdom! in addition to the pyramids inside the mystery, the archaeologists are most concerned about the problem is the handling of 2.3 million boulders.ancient egyptians neither crane nor crane, alone manpower, how they completed this seemingly impossible project? in fact, the principle behind the simple can no longer be simple!

these boulders come from quarries about half a mile south of the pyramid of to handle them? archaeologists have found that water is the key! water is a stone lubricant.egypt has a unique terra cotta tower, as long as it becomes wet, everything can slide.there was a stone mason who was carrying stones and was equipped with workers in charge of holding the cans.when the stone mason put the stones he picked up a little onto a sled-like iron pedestal, then the watering workers started to work , they sprinkle water in front of the sleigh-like iron base, the stone mason is responsible for concentrating on the base.dozens of stone masters step by step in the sprinkler sowing on the wet floor under their best efforts to pull the boulder, step by step toward the construction the question is over again, how these boulders are transported to the heights? the key to solving the problem is water! ancient egyptians too smart! archaeologists have found that something similar to a ditch has been built on each side of the pyramid so that the stones are sent to the area they need to go because of buoyancy, and in this way, they place these huge stones on themselves before the expected location, the stone and boats separated from the stone will be fixed, it will make it indestructible, they will be stacked layer by layer of stone, in all the process is completed, the water will be been took 20 years to build the pyramid of khufu.after more than 4,500 years of baptism, the baptism of wind and rain is still strong.many unsolved mysteries still plague the curious modern long as the pyramid stands, the pace of exploration does not will stop.

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