the total weight of the global plastics will exceed 100 million tons!

according to the voice of economy,"the world company"reported that the university of california industrial ecology team estimated the total amount of plastic on earth, from 65 years ago was invented so far, the human production of about 82 100 million tons of the end it is equivalent to 25,000 new york empire buildings, equivalent to the sum of 1 billion elephants, including plastic bottles, plastic bags and other plastic products.plastic is a kind of polymer compound, which is made of synthetic resin and filler, is a kind of polymer is made of synthetic resin and filler, plasticizer., stabilizers, lubricants, colorants and other additives, can be free to change the composition and shape of the in the plastic products can be seen everywhere, humans seem to have been inseparable from the plastic.but there is a big problem-classification and recovery is difficult.according to the california scientist team estimates that only 30% of the plastic is recycled, and 70% of the plastic has become garbage, most buried under the land, there are a lot of garbage floating in the ocean.

for plastic recycling, professor dong lijie, materials institute, wuhan university of technology, made the following answer:

which plastic can be recycled?

after the thermoplastic melts can be shaped, recycling is easy.because it only after the early purification, sorting classification, and then put the same conditions, or can make new products to.such as plastic bottles, plastic pipes and other films.

technology is not difficult to achieve, why the recovery rate of recycling only 30%?

plastic recycling, plastic bottle recycling system is relatively perfect.there are also some companies in the use of waste plastics.there are some of the products will be used when the scrap used to apply.if you can large quantities, the same type of raw materials is better recovery, re-use can be fully carried out.

but the different materials of the forming conditions are different, if not a class, it is difficult to common the plastics industry, we are still very concerned about the recycling, after all, the source of plastic is oil, hoping to re-use it as much as possible.

if you want to expand the coverage of plastic recycling, but also need to establish some appropriate mechanisms.many countries, for the packaging of materials will have a strict classification, according to different types of households each household first good, this will increase its recycling rate.

today, the garbage collection category to rely on the majority of roadside waste recycling, garbage is there a low problem in dealing with an individual?

it is neither high enough nor low enough there are a lot of plastic that looks the same, but are actually different types.if they are mixed together, and some of the production process of a product may not be very suitable.

70% of the plastic becomes garbage, in the land and sea water, the plastic degradation of how? how long will it take?

not completely separated plastic products, may be burned and filled buried if it is burning, there will certainly be gas, heat and other issues; landfill is not a very good way, because the long-term landfill is also a problem for the land.most of the non-degradable plastic's existence is long, it may be 50 years in the soil, 100 years will not be bad.into the ocean of plastic there is no way to break down.seawater environment for such a generic plastic, some academic articles will be mentioned, for some plastic it may be long into small particles, etc., but for many plastics, its existence is still very long the seawater environment than our current water quality will have some changes, but not the limit, such as strong acid or alkaline is very strong, will contribute to the degradation of the material.some of the material like membrane degradation requires very high energy, so it is more difficult.

some people have plastic called the 20th century, the greatest material discovery, but now scientists believe that plastic will become the burden of the earth, the total weight of plastic on earth in 2050 will be more than 12 billion tons.

professor dong lijie said:"we never think that it will be how the earth, in fact, our use of plastic, such as:how can we recover it, as much as possible to maximize use it.there are many countries in the world, the most typical is japan, it will be the recovery system is very perfect.for every person to do the material, any material is a very valuable resource, the problem is just how to use it."

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