the emergence of a giant terrorist creatures last comparable to a living fossil!

the largest dinosaur in the history

in the late jurassic, mainly distributed in north america, adult fragile double cavity dragon body length of up to 60 meters(there are scholars estimated that 80 meters), height in the 16 meters or so, weight can reach 130 tons.its fossils in 1877 was excavated, is a herbivorous dinosaur(if if the meat, then, even if the dinosaurs are not meteorite impact is also finished this goods), which is currently known as the largest human dinosaurs, a tiger in front of it as a mouse.

the largest bird in history


like birds is now widely believed that the world has the largest birds, mainly living in madagascar island, more than three meters tall, weighing up to half a a bird will not fly, but there are strong legs, living in the forest, with fruit for food.due to excessive hunting, like a bird has been extinct.

the largest insect in history

prehistoric dragonflies are a kind of giant arthropods of the carboniferous, present in the 300 million years ago, extinct in the late permian, is the largest ever insect on earth, light wing width of up to 1 meter the

the largest mammal on the land

adult rhinoceros up to 12 meters long, up to 9 meters, weighing about 20 tons, is now the rhinoceros close relatives, mainly living in central asia.

the largest marine life on earth

an adult blue whale body length of up to 33 meters, alone the tongue reached 2 tons, the blood circulation of 8 tons, the heart is the size of a car, male blue whale genitals up to 3 meters, spray out of the water column can there are 12 meters high, and the most amazing is that they have lived 50 million years, can be said to be living fossils in the biological world, the witness of the history of the earth.

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