why is man still unable to find advanced alien civilization? one reason for human despair!

when astronomers enter the universe, see a lot of wonderful extraordinary scene.the supernova in operation, the black hole that engulfed all the stars, and the strange cosmic phenomena that we still can not explain.but there is one that we have never observed, that is life!

we have not captured any faint flash of any advanced civilization, no signal, shape, logo, all not.why is this so? where is life? is there anything that can explain the silence of the days of life?

scientists have analyzed three reasons for this.

1.days outside life has died.the fermi paradox expounded the overestimation of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of contradictions between the relevant evidence, and the hypothesis that aliens may exist is based on our observations of the universe.

first, tens of thousands of stars(comparable to the sun) among the galaxies are also the possibility of the existence of terrestrial planets, including the orbit of the earth.kepler astronomical telescope a month to find dozens of just there is a suitable planet to live.in 2013, astronomers use the data held by the keplerian telescope to predict that there are about 40 billion galaxies in the milky way with stars equivalent to the earth.if only 0.000001% of these stars are alive, astronomers use the data held by the kepler telescope., we will be associated with the potential of 400 civilizations.however, the above stars are either older than the solar system, or younger than the solar system, but the sun is too young, so, if any form of life evolved in which stars, they will have a scared head, or a huge flaw.if it is the latter, we simply do not want to contact with them, because too scary.however, if only the first big, we need to find evidence of their day-to-day tour so far, after thousands of years of development, their flying saucer should be in the shuttle between the stars, and even between the galaxies.

this illusion is an expectation, many people expect to be able to borrow five hundred years to the sky, look at the alien one.some scientists believe that there will not be such a well-developed technology, but simply think of human development in recent decades, these emerging technologies, nanotechnology, genomics, mechanical heavy industry.but astronomers believe that the vast majority of more advanced life and contact with the outside world before the demise, and this process is like a filter, alien civilization in the development process seems to avoid encounter a fatal threshold!

2.the direction of human search is wrong.it is a long time for us to observe alien life, and in view of what we know, the intermittent life of the universe(such as mars), we are really lucky to capture the high life of those emaciated.

but perhaps from the beginning, we find the wrong place.the universe is so vast that even if we know that some of the stars and galaxies have signaled, it is difficult to receive a consistent signal, so it is difficult for us to find a signal to let us know where we are.

at the same time, the diameter of the milky way reaches 100,000 light years, and it takes a long time for all kinds of waves to reach us at the speed of light.perhaps some of the species of communication technology is much higher than our advanced, if so, then the problem again, the alien input and launch the signal with us is not the same thing!

radio waves were discovered in the 1880s, and since then, various forms of signal communication have become human housekeeping skills.but then? do we have other ways to communicate?

, like back to ancient times, you ask people to wifi, it would be how funny things!

wisdom life seems to have the desire to communicate with each other, the motive force makes the wisdom creatures let the outside world know their existence, and the exchange of information.but will all the creatures be like this?

perhaps our development is limited.is it possible for aliens to know our existence, but they hide deeper, aliens send transmission signals that may have long been to the earth, but they have the ability to hide these signals that are not found by humans that they do the reason is that aliens do not want to communicate with us.because in their eyes, the current civil civilization is still very low, they just want to quietly look at the development of human civilization, not to any intervention, this view is also known as the"zoo fake"!

but for whatever reason, human beings wishful looking aliens may bring a deadly disaster to the earth because we do not know whether the moral bottom line between the different civilizations of the universe(assuming existence) is the same as that of humans , stephen hawking has also said not to expose the earth too much in the universe to prevent unfriendly alien civilization from occupying the earth!

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