why did not the planets in space fall? after reading you understand

living on earth, our minds are based on the earth, but this often causes a lot of confusion.on earth, objects are bound by the gravitational force of the earth and are firmly tied to the surface.if the birds do not wield their wings, the aircraft's engine does not provide power, they will eventually fall on the earth.in addition, even the clouds floating in the air will become rain down.it seems that only a variety of planets can be suspended in space, and will not fall.

however, this is actually an illusion.because of the distance, the impact of the earth's gravity on other planets is very limited, and it is impossible to drag them to the earth.not the force to let the planet suspended in space, but they can only be suspended in space, because the space did not"below"to them out.the reason why we have the concept of the upper and lower, because the earth has been pulling us to the center of the trend, this direction is the downward direction, this is the relative concept.and in space, and not the upper and lower points, so the planet will not go to"below"out, no need to force them to hang.however, if you have to define a downward direction in space, you can not define a downward direction in space.

we can refer to the situation on earth.to the solar system, for example, the sun on the entire solar system to exert a strong gravitational effect, then the downward direction of the solar system can be considered the direction of the sun gravitational pull.but the eight planets will not fall on the sun, it is because the sun's gravitational forces for all the planets around the sun's swing movement, so the planet can avoid falling to the sun.

in the night sky on earth, we see the vast majority of stars are stars.as to why these stars can be suspended in space, it is because the distance between the stars is too far away, the gravitational effect between them is difficult to make them hit together.in short, we need to jump out of the earth's mind to look at this universe.

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