after the death of the soul and another living body tangled it? after reading you know

simply understand what is quantum knot.scientists say that in the atomic structure, a nucleus corresponds to more than two electrons in the surrounding nucleus in the rotation, in many electrons must have two different coordinates of the electron but there are links, their high-speed flight track constantly changing but there are rules.this phenomenon allows scientists to be uncertain and only explain the existence of the pair of electronic entanglement phenomenon.according to a scientist pointed out that one of the electronic distance of one of the electrons are related to another contact, as if the human telepathic, lover, the relationship between the two people are separated, but one of them have a is said that some people have, but i have not encountered.this is a digression.

since the quantum has tangled, then the soul of human death after the entanglement of it? i answered, there must be.the human body is the object is not a quantum, and thus can not exist with another in another world of their own communication, so people can not communicate with the ghost, but why is someone in human life has a telepathy why some people have a dream very familiar with it? i estimate that they are in the special circumstances of the soul of the phenomenon of the obe, the soul of the state similar to the electronic, so there is the ability of electronic entanglement.we know that everything is divided into two, one stick has both ends, a magnet has positive and negative poles.then we are a person's negative stubborn, and where there?

the negative end of mankind is another soul of its own, and there is the earth's negative moon! when the people die, the soul will be quickly from the body back to the moon, the moon is the other half of the earth, but also the soul of life, because the soul does not support the human body so can not communicate with people, the world is only legend of spirits, because people are not quantum can not see the soul, the soul can not be a threat to mankind, because they do not belong to the same material can not visit the earth.the soul can affect people is the spirit of human thought, if your mental consciousness is not normal then you will be poisoned by them, if you are righteous and kind and correct concept you will be able to death after the ghost can not be beautiful heaven.

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