the world after the disappearance of human beings is like this! it makes sense

the united states has published a documentary about what the world will disappear after the disappearance of mankind, saying that one day, mankind suddenly disappeared and what kind of changes the earth would have in the next days.

at some point in the future, perhaps the disappearance of human beings is inevitable.we do not say how the disappearance of human beings, because it is impossible to research, we also talk about today after the disappearance of human beings, the earth in the end what it will look first, after a few hours of human disappearance, the lights in many parts of the world will be extinguished until there is no more light in the world, and this does not take long.many power plants require the operation of the staff, in the absence of staff to maintain the power plant to continue to generate electricity, the power plant will run out when the fuel is running out.

no power is more than the world no lights, underground tunnels, need pumps to drain, power to stop, it represents the underground tunnel will be submerged by groundwater.while the human sale of fresh creatures, but also in the absence of temperature preservation began to rot.

when humans disappear for a few weeks, they will be the first to suffer.

is our pet.large dogs may also have the opportunity to survive, although initially unable to adapt to their own hunting, but also can rely on the body tall and shocked the hunter.small dogs can not, they can not hunt, but can not resist the hunter, they only extinct road can go.but even so, in a large dog only a few species can survive independently.


after thousands of years, humans have traces will be completely erased, even if there is a later intelligent creatures, but also can not know the existence of mankind.

the article also came to an end, and everyone think that after the disappearance of mankind, what will happen? may wish to talk about your idea!