female astronauts space bizarre conception and raw father unknown

according to the former soviet union secret show, in 1991 the soviet female astronaut tariskov in the soviet union gave birth to a son.after a study by scientists said that the space of the child's pregnancy is not on the planet normal pregnancy is much shorter.

it is said that after the birth of the space baby a month later has been able to sit up and say some simple words.

say it made us incredibly, 塔莉丝科芙 with the other four female astronauts after a two-month flight around the earth, all found pregnant.the other four female astronauts to go through the abortion, or abortion during pregnancy, only the trisi koufu fu finally the child was born down.

and the description of the other four astronauts, during their mission, the five of them felt the warmth and pleasure of the burst, according to the description of the inferred analysis that this phenomenon is likely to be related to their pregnancy.

surprisingly, these female astronauts do not know how to conceive, let alone the father of the child who is.

it is gratifying that the space baby in addition to the development of the lungs are not complete and the rest of the human appearance no doubt, the whole physical condition is very healthy.

as to how they are conceived? what is the father of the child, from where? these are puzzles that make us very puzzled.

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