did he really go to another world after death? after reading you know

death can not be resurrected, death is often a one-way process, people die, everything in the world seems to have nothing to do with you.but after the death of mankind, is it really simple? scientists think that people will actually have another world after death, then what will go after the death of people, to what is a world? american scientist lanza once studied that the use of quantum physics can actually prove that after the death of the existence of another world, and death is only created by the human illusion.lanza also suggested that, in fact, not the universe to create a human, and on the contrary, life is to create the universe, human consciousness can even determine the growth of natural things.

he cites a good example of seeing the sky blue, but our mind can change this kind of message, want to be green or red.professor lanza pointed out that the theory of biological center that human death is only an illusion of human consciousness, people usually think that the body was buried in the grave rot, life will eventually end.professor lanzha's theory of biology explains that death is not what we think of the end, life created the universe, it implies that the human consciousness determines the shape and size of all objects of the universe, from the biological center theory to watch the universe, meaning the concept of space and time conveyed by human consciousness is not very strict, and space and time are merely simple tools in human consciousness.

similarly, we are now gradually believe in the multiverse, any things may exist in a multitude of the universe, meaning that death does not exist in any real sense of consciousness, the process of human life death like a multiverse in the flowers bloom and withered four seasons.the world and too much can not use science to explain things, and now also gradually proved that the existence of the spirit world, that is, the spiritual science, spiritual science has gradually put forward the evidence of the existence of the spiritual world, and this is dead evidence of the existence of the world.if you have not recognized the existence of the spiritual world, then it is impossible to solve the mystery of the universe and the soul of the law, and the ultimate goal of spiritual science is to prove that there is another world after death.

reincarnation is a good evidence that if someone does not have anything after death of course, there is no reincarnation, but as long as you observe carefully, you will find in this world there are many people with evidence of reincarnation.when people struggle at the edge of death, there will be a near-death experience, and many of them are part of the near-death experience.but at that time, the dying people were actually judged to be unconscious, and even the brain activity ceased, but they were able to accurately say what happened during his unconsciousness.

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