antarctica found a huge ice lake shape turned out to be only big whale

global warming has become a focus of concern, and people conclude that global warming is based on judging the degree of dissolution of the antarctic glacier.recently, scientists in the antarctic found a major event, the antarctic there was a huge ice is understood that the scientists found the ice lake area is particularly large, but the lake is very large, but the lake is very large., the area with the world's largest freshwater lake lake superior lake, it is estimated that there are 82414 square kilometers.even more surprising is its shape like a big whale.perhaps a lot of people do not understand what the ice lake is, as the name implies, the ice between the ice and the ice, and so on.lake is the polar zone to reach the freezing temperature of the weather is not frozen.of course, this is not the first time people found the ice early as the 20th century, 70 years have related records, but the ice lake specific cause has not yet clear conclusions, still into a fan.

this kind of argument is probably because of the qiang lie wind will just form of the ice blown away, it may be because the warmer water from the cold water below the rise up.but for whatever reason, the formation of ice lake is beneficial for wild animals.the whales and seals that live here can breathe here, and nearby seabirds can also be used for food.