can not explain the mystery of these marine black hole in the water flow to the end where?

in fact, since ancient times has been there, but it has always been an imagination of our human beings, do not say that on earth really there will be such a never filled with the bottomless pit? we all know that our earth is an irregular sphere, mainly by the crust and mantle and the core, these three parts, if in accordance with this principle to speculate, then the bottomless hole should not exist, as we now see of the huge cracks, rift, crater and the like, in fact, only exist in the crust surface of some of the phenomenon.but through history, both in the history of the country, or a lot of different foreign literature, have repeatedly mentioned on the bottomless pit of the record, so that perhaps on earth really exist in this never filled with dissatisfaction the bottomless pit.

on the earth above the bottomless pit records, in fact, there are many different countries different records, such as the indian ocean on the record of the bottom hole, where no holes are also known as the dead sea black hole, summer, where the southwest monsoon prevails, the sea is doing regular homeopathic movement, but in winter, where the seawater is still stationary, for this phenomenon australia's scientific research boat carried out a special exploration and research, and finally concluded that the indian ocean of this bottomless pit may be we have not detected a kind of marine black hole.

australian scientists said that according to the frequency of seawater vibration can be seen that the bottomless pit may exist from the center to continue to radiate a huge gravitational field, but also in the bottomless pit around often appear in the ship crash situation, but how is this going on, but also need to further explore and greece, there are also records on the bottomless pit, the greek bottomless pit is in the ancient city of greece, next to the sea, when the sea water will have a lot of water directly into the sea into the black hole, according to local researchers speculated that the daily influx of this black hole in the sea at least more than 30 million tons, but the strange thing is that such a large number of seawater into the bottomless pit, but did not fill the hole, the sea constantly into the influx of only to see the flow, but did not see the outflow.

for this phenomenon the locals speculate that this bottomless pit is at the other end is a similar to the funnel shape, if this is the case, then no matter how much or the influx can not fill it, of course, this argument also need to be confirmed by scientific experiments, if this is the case, then the inflow in this position of the sea will always flow out from another outlet, on the bottomless hole of the export has aroused the interest of many scientists.

as early as 1958, american scientists dispatched a special expedition team, put a non-soluble raw material in the sea, with the huge seawater into the bottomless pit, and then in the vicinity of some sea and island to see the river, the results did not find this dye, on this phenomenon so that scientists puzzled, of course, some people think it is likely that the amount of water is very large, so it led to the gradual color of the dilution, and finally become very light can not be found, this may be one of the reasons.but this did not hinder the team members on the bottomless pit curiosity, then they carried out a new round of testing, this time the use of a special plastic seeds, the seeds can be directly floating in the

the sea, after a long time will not be dissolved out of the sea, the researchers will be these special plastic seeds directly into the bottomless pit, the test results did not achieve the desired results, because the subsequent year, researchers continue to find the seeds in the surrounding waters, the results are not any discovery, on the inhalation of these seawater in the end is the flow to what place, so far really can not explain, can be said to be a headache problem.

china's sichuan mysterious bottomless pit, sichuan province, shixia dongxiang also exist with such a big loophole, whether it is rain or pouring into the water, the bottom of this big funnel has always been no water, on this strange phenomenon, the scientists also carried out the relevant test, the results did not from the big funnel which found the direction and remains of any water flow, and in our country some of the ancient history of the books, there have been many records on the overseas there are many pit bottom records, and described a very detailed, the magic of the bottomless pit of the argument or have a certain degree of credibility.

on the earth above the magic, always filled with no bottom hole! really aroused people's strong curiosity, this magical bottomless pit is how the formation of what? it is not out of thin air on the earth, but for this problem, as if so far can not have any solution, but hope that through the passage of time, scientists can explore what.