goodbye to the lovely people

october 10, the chinese academy of sciences national astronomical observatory announced that the"china eye"500 meters caliber ball telescope(fast) after a year of intense debugging, has been achieved, tracking, drift scan, etc.the observation mode runs smoothly and confirms the number of newly discovered pulsars.this is the first time that china's telescope has discovered pulsars.

fast presents a beautiful landscape under the stars.the signal of the pulsar is like the heartbeat of the universe.

the vast sky, the vast sky, since ancient times entrusted with the scientific dream of mankind.china"sky eye"500 meters caliber spherical telescope project by our astronomers in 7994 proposed conception, from pre-research to build up to 22 years, is china's own intellectual property rights, the world's largest single-caliber, the most sensitive radio telescope.

and the"china eye"for the first time found a new pulsar heard 16,000 light years outside the sound, but also marks a major breakthrough in the forefront of our science.but that the discovery of this new pulse, so that our hearts have a great inspiration, the hearts of infinite pride.china this dragon, not only the rise, and take off.

see"china eye"has such a big achievement, we may be this success of the joy of paralysis, ignoring our group of lovely people.

see this picture, maybe most of us do not know the he gives the first impression-the farmer, the farmer.

he is the"day eye"engineering chief engineer and chief scientist nan rendong.

it is also him, the people in the impression of"farmers"to create a"china eye"this great project, and achieved significant results.

but god is so the days of eye into the run, less than a year's time, september 15, 2017 23:00, due to the deterioration of lung cancer, the"lovely"people, china's"father of the sky"nan rendong, never bid farewell to this time, at the age of 72 years old.

at this time on september 25, fast works to celebrate the first anniversary, only a few days time, but he did not wait until.

one of the sad things is that he belongs to his academician of chinese academy of sciences and has just finished the nomination.

before his death, he left a short wish"funeral from simple, not held memorial service", clean, obscure go.

it can be said that in order to build a large radio telescope in china, nan rendong pondering most of life, dedication of all their ingenuity.and the shock is that his dream is not their own fame, but willing to do the cornerstone......

we do not know is that the"farmers"have given up high salaries, decided to return to china the cause of science.

in the mid-1990s, he became deputy director of the beijing observatory of the chinese academy of sciences.and then his salary a year, just equal to the wages of a day abroad.many people say that he is stupid, but only he himself understand that science has no borders, but the scientists have the motherland.the state has raised me, i am chinese.every time he went to the site, he would always be solemnly climbing the top of the tower, and his step-by-step climbing figure seemed to tell people that this generation of scientists should be prepared for china's future takeoff he often boarded the tallest tower alone, loving to the ground....

overlooking the whole project.uphill down the hill, who would like to reach out to help, his hand will be forced to throw, his face will reveal unhappy.people on the site know that the seventy years of nan rendong, the most cheerful time, is like a child innocent running on the fast ring beam.

for the construction of fast, comrades working here many.bear a number of young people running the test task, mostly home in guiyang national astronomical observatory and guizhou university jointly cultivate the master's graduates, they can return home every month.

but there is such a scientist, there are a group of lovely young people on the site, so no matter how many"chinese dream"will be achieved!

our south teacher he left , and left behind.leaving the chinese scientists indifferent fame and fortune, dedication of the motherland's selfless character.i want to say that this lovely person should not be forgotten by us.he served the motherland, selfless dedication, my heart certainly did not think how many people remember him, but we can forget him?

a nation, a country, it is like him one another and a selfless dedication of the lovely people, the national people have hope to take off.

he was gone and left behind.

goodbye, lovely people.

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