maya five prophecies have achieved four last somertay prophecies is true or false?

maya five prophecies:

1:the end of the mayan civilization.that is, the maya's own doomsday, but can not be predicted(has been achieved).

2:car, aircraft, rocket emergence period(has been achieved).

3:the big devil hitler's birth and death of the approximate period(has been achieved).4:the outbreak of the devastating war, referring to the first world war ii(achieved).

5:december 21, 2012 after the sun falls, it will not appear.

the fifth prophecy can be understood as three meanings;

1:human beings in the spirit and soul from the material, reached an unprecedented height.

2:human beings because of the earth's magnetic poles at the same time reversed the disaster caused by the demise.

3:in mid-december 2012, there will be an asteroid counterclockwise toward the earth's atmosphere friction.the united states experts predicted that the maya people predicted the day of december 21, 2012 and the earth closest to each other between the huge gravitation will make the earth's rotation time greatly increased, resulting in some parts of the earth within 3 days without sun rise.many maya allegations that the apocalypse is primarily a western perspective.

maya believes that the inscription refers to the beginning of the new era, rather than the end of time itself, this"revelation"refers to the mayan long calendar(longcount) 3113 years before the beginning of the calculation since the end of the 5125 cycle.scientists first use the mayan calendar to expose the so-called"doomsday"prophecy.

the the mayan calendar did not end in 2012, so the maya himself did not regard the year as the end of the world.however, december 21, 2012(winter solstice) is certainly an important day for the the mayan calendar, 1872000 days is a cycle, that is 5125.37 years.that is completed a 5125.37 years of a reincarnation.the long calendar then resumed from the"zero day"calculation, and began a new cycle.this is just a reckoning idea that is exactly the same as our annual new year or monday morning to start a year or a week.some experts say that the earth will do the end, that is when the sun from the sun from the sun, and so the steady state of the transition to the red giant, the volume will be violent expansion, and even the earth swallowed.however, all this will have another 5 billion years time, when the human may already have the ability to open up new planet home.

maya civilization mystery disappeared mystery so far can not be opened, but the maya's five prophecies have achieved four.when the people think that the most fear of the end of the world is about to come, 2012 has passed, then there is a movie called"2012", i believe that many people have seen, works exaggerated realistic, unquestionable writing human face the that time maya prophecy did not come, or did not exist.some experts say maya's prophecy is untrustworthy, however, the famous british physicist and cosmologist steven william hawking did not think so.he said that maya prophecy is really there, but people are wrong time.hawking said the sun would first dive in 2032, the earth's temperature dropped sharply, so that the earth into the little ice age, if you have a lot of money, conditions permit, the world only a small number of people can escape the earth.but no one can escape from the solar system, hawking said the earth will be destroyed in 200 years, and the only way people want to survive is immigration fact, many people think that hawking said more is not built on the relevant science in the relevant science.on the basis of which it should be explained that this is hawking's advice to protect your home, you must protect the ecological environment.

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