does the emergence of relativity appear by chance? can not other einstein scientists find it?

relativism according to whether gravitational attraction is divided into special relativity and general relativity, the former does not involve gravity, the latter is gravitational fact, in the same era of einstein, there were many physicists who had approached the theory of special relativity.einstein said after the creation of the theory of relativity:"if i did not propose a narrow relative, five years will be made, and if i did not put forward the general theory of relativity, fifty years will not be put forward.""this is not einstein's boast, because no one can think of such a ground-breaking theory.

the birth of special relativity is a historical background.earlier people thought that the universe was filled with a material called"ether", they are relative to the absolute space of static, light transmission depends on this kind of the ether is still, when the earth walk through the ether, it will produce the wind, which is like the wind blowing the same as the this regard, physicists want to measure the earth's relative to the speed of the ether.according to the theory of ether, the light moving along the direction of the earth's revolution should be faster than the light that is perpendicular to it.however, the famous michelson-morey experiment shows that the speed of light in both directions is the same, which proves that the absolute space is not present.however, some physicists still do not want to give up the concept of ether.

to this end, the famous physicist lorentz proposed the length of the contraction effect to try to explain the experimental phenomenon, which is the origin of the lorentz transformation.but einstein another way, he thought that ether is not there, time and space are not absolute, and only the speed of light is absolutely, based on this, einstein ancestors step by step to create a special theory of relativity.after the creation of special theory of relativity, einstein found that as a natural basic role in the creation of special relativity, einstein found that as a natural basic role the force of gravity is incompatible with the special theory of, einstein once again another way, he believes that newton's description of gravity is not accurate.einstein argues that gravity is not a force, but rather a geometric effect of the object's curved space.this is definitely a great leap in thinking.later experiments-star light deflection, mercury near-point precession and gravitational time expansion effect, etc., can prove the correctness of general relativity.einstein was very confident in general relativity, and he said that he would regret god if the experimental results were in contradiction with general can be said that without einstein, the general theory of relativity may take decades to appear, or even not at all.

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