global warming cows must bear more responsibility

the global culmination of global warming since the industrial revolution, the two culprits are carbon dioxide and methane.the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased from 280ppm to 400ppm, methane increased by 150%.the main reason for the increase in co2 is the reduction of fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon uptake from deforestation; the main reason for the increase in methane is the intestinal digestion of livestock and the bacterial emissions from paddy fields.researchers at the university of maryland and the pacific northwest national laboratory have recently pointed out that the methane produced by livestock is undervalued and that dairy cows need to take greater responsibility for global warming.

methane is a short term greenhouse gas in the atmosphere for 12 years, the warming effect is 21 times that of carbon dioxide.from 2000 to 2007, the concentration of methane in the atmosphere increased significantly, triggering strong concerns of scientists, but the reason has been controversial, some people attributed it to natural gas extraction, some people attributed to agriculture.the study made it clear that livestock emissions were underestimated and actually 11 per cent higher than previously estimated, although it was not the largest contributor to methane emissions each year, but could be the biggest contributor to the increase in atmospheric methane in recent years.cows and other ruminants are mainly released by intestinal fermentation to release methane into the atmosphere.

, animal feces, if not properly managed, will also discharge a lot of methane.researchers found that faecal emissions were about 8.4% higher than that of gazelle, and 36.7% higher than fecal emissions, compared with the statistics of the united nations intergovernmental panel on climate change statistics, largely because in most developed regions , the livestock are growing much more and the agriculture is developing towards the industrialization model, which will lead to an increase in methane emission efficiency and an increase in emissions.

(in the atmosphere accumulated in the existing greenhouse gases, the main historical responsibility of the distribution, picture from wikipedia)

it seems global warming, dairy cows to blame! but we can not drink milk, do not eat dairy products, right? fortunately, another study has brought us hope that scottish scientists have found that dairy cattle intestinal microbial colonies by the host genetics of a great impact, there are 20 genes control the ability of bacteria to produce methane, determines the dairy fart hiccups release the amount of methane, we can breed through breeding to re-do cattle, out of those"fart hiccup machine", and continuously reduce the greenhouse greenhouse gas emissions, save the earth!