scientists have created a generator that can be used in the human body

hydro power can be traced back thousands of years ago, and now dams and great falls provide green energy to the rest of the, a group of scientists have applied this ancient concept to new areas, such as the inner space of our bodies.can this be used to power the next generation of implants and nanomaterials? this is what fudan university researchers think.

the heart of a person will beat about 2.5 billion times in average life expectancy, with blood being 3 to 4 miles per hour speed ​​movement, which is the speed of ordinary people walking.the use of these energies can provide an important impetus.researchers have reached a milestone in the first attempt to use the body to generate electricity.hydroelectric power has many advantages, and wind or solar energy is different, water is always flowing, so it is a stable and reliable long as people live, the blood will flow.scientists have previously speculated that the generators in the human body are viable, however, to achieve this goal is still likely, the researchers think of a novel approach.

this is basically the same as the principle of hydroelectric power, hydroelectric power plants need large, heavy and very complex equipment, how do we reduce these devices to nanometer? the researchers gave up the idea to design and build a fibrous fluid nanometer generator(ffng).put this less than a millimeter thick fiber into the brine solution, it will produce energy.

carbon nanotubes are one of the most powerful substances in the world, and they can be rotated or arranged in flakes.the researchers think of the way is to use ffng carbon nanotubes wrapped in the core of the polymer.carbon nanotubes are not only electrically active, but also tough and stable.the whole fiber is less than half a micron addition, they are flexible, scalable, and can last for 1 million cycles.after testing, it is 20% more efficient than the previous order to test the new approach, the researchers connected ffng to the electrode and then immersed in saline solution.the fluid flows on the fibers to produce current, while also destroying the symmetry of the natural charge distribution of the fibers.the charge gradient between the inner and outer layers produces a large amount of energy, and when the fluid passes through it, the interference will continue, so it can continuously pump the energy.researchers have been successfully tested in the frog.

ffng uses a lot, it may be incorporated into the fabric, providing a greater role, such as wearing electronic products, you can put your phone into your own jacket or shirt for charging.or use it to drive healthy nanomaterials, such as pacemakers and so on.

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