human semen hidden in the type of infectious virus is it any of these viruses in the body happy happy

the earth is a living creature with the diversity of creatures coexisting, spreading and growing together, the creatures on earth that we can see, and the microbes and viruses that we can not see in fact., a recent medical literature, said the male semen to hide a series of potentially dangerous micro-virus, semen and for these viruses to provide a good breeding ground, after detection found that human semen contains zika, ebola, marburg , lhasa and chikungunya, as well as mumps, epstein, barr and chickenpox and other viruses.

inside.researchers through repeated sampling of semen detection, surprised to find a total of 27 semen in infectious virus protein and viral genetic material, which means that there are 27 infectious bacteria in the makes me very surprised that these viruses are a threat to our personal health!

as the human research in this area has just begun, it is unclear whether these viruses whether it really affects human health, it is not clear whether these infectious viruses need to be eliminated, this virus will be transmitted through some means to women, if it can really spread, then the probability of transmission and how much? and so on these questions have no answer.

so why only the human semen will exist so many kinds of viruses? researcher tosh believes that the body's immune system, which may mature sperm and semen as a body foreign body, which means that the body of this semen area will not be protected by the immune system, so become a potential attack of the virus object, the virus is easy to enter here, and continue to survive we let these hateful virus in the body happy happy? dr.amesh adalja, senior assistant to the baltimore health and safety center, said:"the experimental study also,"said dr.amesh adalja, senior assistant at the baltimore health and safety center.

in the continuation, we will go further to study, to determine the potential of these viruses in the end how much, whether it is hereditary.can you find an ideal way to remove these viruses at once? this article comes from exploring the universe's only official wechat public number:interesting exploration.