quest: a variety of prehistoric records show high civilization picture or human non-unique wisdom body evidence!

we know that the history of the earth may be more than 4.5 billion years, the history of life may have 3.9 billion years, but the history of mankind is only 400 million years, a civilized history is less than ten thousand year, with that famous metaphor for human and earth history of the contrast may be only one second of the day so long, so inevitably some people ask whether we are the first batch of intelligent organisms on earth? in fact, in the history of mankind also mentioned a lot of high civilization of the creatures in the history of mankind.exist, for example, the maya history books to record a creature they encounter, they are pure energy creatures without the body, only similar to the existence of a light, the maya called them angels, that this will not be on earth existence has evolved into the ultimate high intelligence creatures.

we know that the ancient cognitive ability is limited, for the things that can not be explained will be

that is what the gods or the devil or something, such as in the 40s of last century people in the palenque temple to find some sculpture of the mysterious relief of the spacecraft, but then people do not know what it is because the human a spacecraft or artificial satellite was first flew into space in 1961.

so there is no possibility of forgery in this case.but 1400 years ago, how the temple will have a spacecraft relief it? in the history books of india there are also records of nuclear war, the first human nuclear bomb until world war ii was created, that indian history books in the nuclear war is how it happened.

now there are only one explanation for these situations, that is, in addition to human beings, another kind of intelligent creatures, they are faster than human evolution earlier, so they thousands of years ago or even tens of thousands of years ago has been able to carry out the universe travel, and human beings can not meet their reasons now is likely but also because they were destroyed in the nuclear war of mutual attack, or they have opened the universe to migrate to space.the history of mankind and the earth, the sun, the universe is really too small compared to the small, the world is too that there is bound to be the place of human beings, so the existence of the earth and now still exist and human beings are even more advanced than the human civilization.