a spaceship landed earth at that moment the world convened an emergency meeting

landing a spaceship earth at that moment, the world convened an emergency meeting

the Milky Way through three hundred and eighty-six era, the era called "god river era".

"ji river god" in 90398, the whole universe is in a development peak, extremely use up the beginning of the peak of the era, also marks the whole universe will slowly weakening.

* * * * *

the earth, the Gregorian calendar in September 1999, a teacher is telling a "astrophysics" and college freshmen development history, this is the first day of school.

"the universe is the earth the human eternal topic of hot debate, in ancient times from nature round place, people every day to see the sun, moon and stars dongsheng west down basic understanding;Until the 4th century BC, ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle put forward the evidence of the earth is spherical.

in 270 BC, the Greek astronomer ali stark used to determine the approximate distance from the sun and the moon for the earth ratio, but also put forward the theory of the earth around the sun.Can this ancient simplicity "heliocentric theory", at that time did not believe.

in the 16th century, the polish astronomer Copernicus in the book "celestial circulate", first put forward: the earth is not the center of the universe, the earth and other planets, are motion around the sun, the earth also constantly rotation.

after Copernicus finished this work, hesitated for 36 years out of publishing.A book was published, the fierce opposition from the Roman Catholic church.They announced the sun center "heresy", burned Copernicus's book, and comprehensive spread Copernican people blow.

after the German scientist Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion, a British scientist Newton is further proved that the planets revolve around the sun is the role of "gravity", thus further reveals the secrets of the universe.

now, people can take advantage of the huge astronomical telescope and the advanced radio telescope, to look at the distant objects in the universe.Can also use satellites, spacecraft, the space shuttle and other instruments and people to space or on other planets, explore more secrets of the universe.

after years of exploration, now people know that the sun is not the only star in the universe.Twinkling stars in the sky, are like the sun can shine in the stars.They are very far from earth, including the recent 4.22 light years away.Light year is the unit of measurement object distance, light travels about 300000 kilometers per second.

some of the stars are too far away from us, to the naked eye can't tell.If they are observed through a telescope, can be found: the Milky Way across the sky, is made up of many stars.This massive star group, there are about 100 billion ~ 200 billion stars, constitute a "discus" form, diameter of about 100000 light-years away.People call this massive star group, the Milky Way.Our solar system is one of the Milky Way, about 30000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way, with so many stars, moving around the galactic center.

the Milky Way of stars in the universe is not the only group.In the Milky Way has a lot of huge stars group, like the Milky Way galaxies such as the Andromeda galaxy, the hound.We put outside the Milky Way of stars group, called the river of galaxies.At present, the human has found about 1 billion river outside the galaxy, these galaxies are moving in the river.

human exploration of the universe will never stop, the launch of voyager, on behalf of human officially entered the era of exploration of the universe."

is a lot of students listen with relish, but when the bell rang.

* * * * * *

at 3 o 'clock on September 19, 1999, 28 minutes and 24 seconds, NASA received by voyager 2 transmits a signal, the expert door is very excited, finally have the interception of cosmic free signal, after the United States expert difficult to decipher, a set of signal wave and the picture show, a fuzzy weak circular light group with a heat source and the signal source and...

experts forget excited at this time, also forgot to shock, their eyes only science, they are still in the research the signal source, their obsession for this, for this crazy hot...On the night in the United States secret invited several heads of superpower of the top scientists in the United States and domestic a secret research base for a secret meeting, as they are leaving the prejudices between countries, as for their conference contents in addition to the scene a few people, nobody knew the conversation and what they found a startling secret.

on October 5, 1999 at noon, the Chinese people still immersed in the natural and unrestrained of National Day long vacation, people also just enjoy lunch time, can be had at this time the sun was the dark clouds of the sky suddenly thunder rumbling, covered with dark clouds, is tourism population in scold: "true TM's unlucky, it will also change".

southeast Asia many countries also was suddenly tsunami, island place more also sudden earthquake, at the time of moving at a famous also died, so many dream silk depressed for half a month, in addition to the United States, Europe and other countries have similar natural disasters, the loss is countless.

if this time is the invasion of another power, then of course this is just some transient hypothesis, when everything is back to normal, after the United States, China, Russia and other countries immediately sent people came to the United States and the secret, a secret meeting again.

after the meeting, the United States naval exercise to the Pacific Ocean, China, Russia and other countries also respectively to the Atlantic ocean, the arctic ocean, the Indian Ocean and the important place in a global defense activities.This activity did not disturb the news media, it is all so nothing going on;People are still led a busy life and quiet life.

is the noon that day, a light with no live into the heaven and earth changes the earth's atmosphere, 30 seconds after a strange vehicle among the Chinese Tibet snow mountain no man's land, somewhere this time India has a ancient temples in India, one of India's cross one's legs, the old monk came suddenly raised his head to the aircraft's direction, took one look and continue sat cross-legged, don't see what is the expression of the old monk.

somewhere in Tibet also have a is and buddhist monks told local living Buddha also suddenly looked at that place, but the living Buddha shook his head, of shushan, taishan, huashan, etc all have eye sight the aircraft landing place.

aircraft stay five minutes later, a group of don't know what's inside the text data showed: nitrogen oxygen O220.947 N278.084 % % water vapor H2O0. The argon gas carbon dioxide CO20.03 Ar0.934 % % 1 ~ 4.0%...


humanoid suddenly an old man walked out of the aircraft don't know what kind of alien words said:" yes, the air here is suitable for survival, indeed for over 200 years, finally found a planet the life, but the planet is too small, the force of gravity is so small, so this class star is still in its original state, poor, primitive life star also represents that the planet is not into the galactic empire ".

if someone hear the old man to say such things must think he is a mental derangement, but if you look closely, his appearance and the earth is still a little difference, he looked up at the sky, in the heart a fear of color, then he said 1: "primitive planet, sorry, I can only try to make up for the fault!"

at this moment, the old man felt someone through distant space stared at him, frowning read aloud a way: "the planet is not simple, although their technology is not good, but they seem to...".

in thought for a moment later, the old man said to the aircraft to: "old chap, I have to leave for a period of time, these days you hide in the underground hidden, not simple" the planet.

aircraft very mechanical replied: "good master, you leave this time I will enter a dormant state, waiting for your call."See a space a burst of volatility, on aircraft into underground hidden...

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