provincial top scientific talent which is rich in wit your province statistics, there are many scientists?


speaking of top scientists you might first think of deng jiaxian, qian xuesen, and so on some famous scientists, they made a great contribution to the development of new China.

science and technology is the first productivity, science and technology is behind the tireless efforts of scientists, the cultivation of the scientists want to rely on a strong education.

top cradle than both of Chinese scientists, Chinese academy of sciences and Chinese academy of engineering.Scientists all able to enter the Chinese academy of sciences and Chinese academy of engineering is a man of great achievements in scientific research.Founded in November 1949, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering was established in June 1994.So far a total of 23339 academicians of the two.Many of these academicians also elected as member of other countries.

although the majority of the members working in Beijing and Shanghai but academicians was not all people in Shanghai and Beijing, they sent the various provinces and cities from all over the country, the following is one of more than 2300 members of the ethnic statistics, take a look at your identity several top scientists:

your province several top scientists?From the above it is not hard to see in the coastal provinces and cities have academician is more, especially in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces.This with the local economic development and education of parents has a lot to do.

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