the human body can withstand the speed of light travel?


human has been obsessed with speed.Both cars, trains and planes are faster, as if speed to a powerful display technology.The air force plans to develop the supersonic jet, more than 6100 kilometers per hour, but not manned.Reason is that human can't afford such a high speed movement, in fact, in 1969, the three astronauts aboard the Apollo 10 spacecraft from behind the moon around, they are relative to the earth's movement speed up to 39897 kilometers per hour.If one day the human grasp the speed of light, so in our body is able to withstand the speed of light travel?

human body withstand the travel at the speed of light?

"space launch system (SLS)" the rocket will blast off launch Orion spacecraft in 2021, it will visit a carrying astronauts have been into the moon's orbit, will be a month on Mars mission to Mars.At present, the designers are expected to Orion the maximum speed of 32000 kilometers per hour.Orion are designed for many different destination in life.It may be much faster than we now expect.Even the Orion doesn't mean we velocity potential of the peak.In addition to the speed of light, there is no limit to our real fast travel speed.The speed of light is about billion kilometers per hour, so human is it possible to reach the speed of light?In theory, human can be traveling under the speed of light.Because speed is the speed of movement, as long as we are in one direction at a constant speed accelerates rapidly.

if we can built the spacecraft close to the speed of light, but we still have to uniform acceleration, because of the rapid acceleration or deceleration will do fatal damage to the human body.So in the future, we can superluminal travel in space?Although superluminal field or a fantasy, but not wulitou imagination.An interesting Yu Guangsu scene quickly appeared in the "star trek", which is called the Alcubierre drive technology brings us a hope.In essence, the ship could create the "engine", its movement speed is faster than the speed of light.

human body withstand the travel at the speed of light?

if you want to implement this technology will face a big problem.Need to have a negative quality material to shrink and expand space-time, physics does not prohibit negative quality.But we still haven't found the real case, has not seen such a thing.Another study results show that when flying in this, "engine" inevitably interact with other substances in the universe, collected many high-energy particles, some particles will enter the engine itself, and generate radiation.Because of the vulnerability of biology, we will be trapped forever in the speed of light?The answer is not just for the sake of creating a new human world speed record, but because our species will become an interplanetary society.In Edelstein, for our bodies to the limit of half the speed of light, the nearest to our stars round trip takes about 16 years.

human body withstand the travel at the speed of light?

with the resistance of human developed more and more advanced suits and micro meteor protection technology, so that man in blue, star of security at an alarming rate in space travel.If the future we will design a unprecedented speed aircraft, then we will create more and better protective measures.Looking forward to one day, we will be able to travel at the speed of light in the space.(science and technology, new discovery Constantine/article)

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