IO, adapted for the migration of human future

IO, adapted for the future of human migration

in the future if mankind moved to a lot of, had better choose the planets in our solar system, throughout all celestial bodies within the solar system, in addition to the distant future can become a terrestrial planet four gaseous planet, only the earth, IO, Europa, kernel was still going on strong reaction.

low Europa now exists under the ice of the biosphere, can be moved to the transition of the planet, but keep the kernel fission time is likely to be far less than the IO, add too much water, no land, low temperature, modification, experts think settled in Europa is not a long-term solution.

IO's surface environment is very bad now, too much super volcanic activity and strong earthquakes occurred frequently, sulfide is too much, thin atmosphere, less water less oxygen, it is impossible for human survival.IO, however, have a better condition than Jupiter's moon Europa, from the surface, IO kernel fission stop may be much later than Jupiter's moon Europa, even can keep to four gaseous planet into a terrestrial planet, to ensure the continuation of human life in the inner solar system.

IO, adapted for the future of human migration

when human science and technology level has reached a certain level, the modified IO as easy.First is about to change IO orbits, by the revolution of the circular motion around Jupiter into orbit around the sun.Jupiter's rings with many asteroids, satellite, human can use spacecraft landing adrastea and 16, lateral dynamics, change their direction, to the impact of peripheral IO, could change the movement direction of IO, from the original track, it is possible to into orbit around the sun.

and then find a ice water more comet or other satellites, asteroids, hit IO, increase the amount of water in IO, and can make the IO is more close to the sun, to receive more of the sun's heat.Followed by artificial multiply microbes, decomposition of rock soil, algae, plants produce large amounts of oxygen and so on, in order to suit the human to live for a long time in the future.

IO, adapted for the future of human migration

the kernel fission stop is fixed, the fate of human beings has almost no change, but there is another man can conquer nature, is the artificial rainfall is not achieved something man can conquer nature?The future human may indeed can transform the solar system.

IO, is the most close to the four galilean satellites of Jupiter Jupiter a satellite, the diameter of 3642 kilometers, is the fourth largest satellite in the solar system, the surface environment is extremely bad, super volcanic activity and strong earthquakes occurred frequently, the surface morphological shape cycle is shorter.Of course, makes the IO have so high temperature is not the sun radiation, the credit of but the result of the intense volcanic activity inside it.In the inner solar system, there is no any other planet or moon can be comparable to IO number the volcano photogenic.

for the first time astronomers have found strong volcanic activity on the IO is in more than 20 years ago, when the "traveler" interstellar detector has give a series of photographs taken IO.Since then, near Jupiter for about eight years of Galileo probe for the hot satellite also conducted close pictures.Is based on the photos on scientists have identified the IO is a very violent volcanic activity, and its surface temperature can reach 1610 degrees Celsius.

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