When the legendary "nine star alignment", "what happens change?

when the legendary

while Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, but in this paper, we assume that Pluto is the ninth planet in the solar system ", after all, it's not human.

with different orbit of nine planets in the solar system, has a different period of revolution, and therefore want to nine planets moving on the same straight line is a basic impossible thing, if the probability calculation, come out of the Numbers of the decimal point 0 May fill half a piece of A4 paper.Therefore, generally if nine planets running to the side at the same time, we will think "nine star alignment" occurred.

but despite the lower standard, but the "nine star alignment of likelihood of occurrence is small.Using the most advanced solar orbit model, the scientists can accurately calculate where "nine star alignment of next year.That year, what year?As long as we can see a "nine star alignment"?when the legendary

each over a period of time, the nine planets of the solar system will operate at very low probability to a certain sector area of the sun."Nine planets into a straight line" will only appear in the novel or drama, so to speak.Connected to two planets are linked together, samsung are easy to also happen often, but the more planets, focusing on the smaller the possibility of a line, the nine planets is focused on the line, can really can only appear in the novel.So when its operation to a fan-shaped area, we think that nine star "alignment".

have happened in the history of "nine star alignment"?In fact, more than 40 one hundred million years of history of the solar system, the occurrence of nine star alignment is almost a certainty, but because of limited means of observation, which a human are not seen.A recent "star alignment" is "seven stars renju" occurred in 2000.when the legendary

on May 20, 2000, mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto shipped together, "seven stars renju" occurred.

above also said, "alignment" is the planet at the same time operating to a fan-shaped area, and how much this fan?According to the standard, when running Angle between the planets differ within 13 degrees, will be identified as "alignment".when the legendary

in the simulation of the nearly hundred years the planet to orbit, the scientists found that in nearly 500 years of history in the solar system, have taken place in at least 17 times seven star alignment, is on average more than 30 years time, to everyone's life up to three times.However, three is enough.

and according to the calculation of scientists, nine star alignment next time will be on December 6, 2149, that is to say, unless the biology and medicine to be able to break through, otherwise, no matter how I don't see the happening of the legend "nine star alignment".

so, nine star alignment occurs what effect will bring to earth?when the legendary

online are rife in another way, it believed, when nine star alignment occurs, the earth will be affected by the gravity of outside the solar system so powerful and collapse reduced to ashes.What's more think that this is "the end of the world" or "change" civilization symbol.

but the nine star alignment the biggest impact on the earth is the year of the earth from other planets tidal forces get bigger, but compared to the moon and the sun to the earth's tidal forces, the strength is minimal.For other planets also won't have what influence can be observed with the naked eye.

although already know won't happen anything special, but really want to see the legendary nine star alignment.

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