Crystal is no longer distant time, scientists have found instance

crystal of time no longer far away, scientists have found instance

conventional crystal is a three-dimensional objects, their internal atoms are in accordance with the rules of order repeat arrangement and composition.Time is a four-dimensional crystal, with a periodic structure in time and space.A crystal can spontaneously broken time translational symmetry.

it can change over time, but will continue to return to it at the beginning of the same form, like a clock move the pointer to the periodic return to its original position.With the ordinary clock or other periodic process, time and space crystal as would be the minimum energy state of a.It can be seen as a walking can always maintain accurate clock, even in the universe after heat death.

learn California and Maryland eve eve eve of the eve of the physicist application of high energy laser aroused contains ten ytterbium atom atomic chain successfully produced by electron spin time crystal composed of entanglement.Expounded in the theory of relativity Einstein's knowledge of the universe to our mouth, he felt, we address the space-time is ______, it consists of three space dimensions and one time dimension solidification.And frank in their practice, points out that in the universe there is a "state", the foundation of the particles on the table will contact the "time" has a very rigorous.

crystal of time no longer far away, scientists have found instance

according to frank, this kind of atoms in the crystal thermal deeds don't need like traditional atomic deeds to absorb energy from the outside world, that is to say, it is like a perpetual motion machine, is not subject to any known laws of thermodynamics.

"shengshengshishi, until the end of time, until the end of the universe..."When we face the wonderful love, always issued the oath.Despite the pledge sonorous, can always leave a negative and the end of the dark, such as the end of the universe and the end of time.In our subconscious, again good feelings, and wonderful relationship, always have the end of the day, because no one can against death.Even the universe, may also be the heat death of the day.If our universe is expanding, after all, one day, it will be cooled to near absolute zero, we can't obtain the basic energy needed to survive.Therefore, once we have vowed to maintain a relationship to the end of time, the subconscious mind has put it as the most extreme vows.

crystal of time no longer far away, scientists have found instance

system of continuous movement, people have found some examples.Such as for a small superconducting metal ring, if we give it combined with magnetic field, then the ring will appear in the constant current.Of the system, the flow of electrons is the lowest energy state, it will flow down forever.This example doesn't seem to be surprising.But if the scale of the metal ring is very small, we will have to use quantum mechanics to analyze it.We found that even if the metal ring resistance, to the metal ring on the magnetic field at low temperature, also can appear inside never attenuation of electric current.To some extent, it is very close to the time of crystal.But time crystal periodic changes in the material density in time, and the metal ring that has sustained current does not appear in the periodical change of electron density over time.

in order to achieve the real time crystal, people design a charged material does not yet exist, it can be described by the nonlinear schrodinger equation, the ground state is a kind of soliton solution.Under magnetic field, the soliton state of lowest energy will no longer be stationary, but at a certain angular velocity rotating state.Differ with constant current, soliton spin, will appear in the ring material density of cyclical changes, that is the real time crystal.

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