Saturn has a "small pocket earth" : have rain the river sea


a mention of planets in our solar system, we first think of the moon, Mars, and the planet's surface on the poor world.Saturn has a, is very similar to the earth satellite, it has rain, rivers and oceans, it is Titan - Titan.

Saturn has a small pocket earth: have rain river sea

, Saturn and Titan.Images derived from network

small planet ocean

Titan's surface is filled with methane, due to Titan's surface temperature is extremely low, leads to a liquid methane, formed on the sea of methane.Titan's three oceans are distributed in the northern hemisphere, peng add sea, respectively, lili JiYaHai and carat Ken sea.

Saturn has a small pocket earth: have rain river sea

Titan of the ocean.Images from network

li JiYaHai and methane, only 160 meters deep.For peng and sea, cassini found a ripple on it.Carat Ken sea is the largest ocean in Titan, central part has a similar to the strait of Gibraltar carat Ken throat, carat Ken sea is divided into two parts.

in the United States NASA wanted to send the submarine to detect the Titan ocean, it's good to be true.

Saturn has a small pocket earth: have rain river sea

NASA sent submarine simulation diagram.Images from the network

different star river

Titan has now found a vision of the longest rivers, 400 km, resembles the Nile.This river is located in a valley, river valley through Titan's arctic after injection JiYaHai.Because the river is dull, so the flow is hydrocarbons."Yellow River water heaven," rivers exist side prove the existence of the Titan precipitation.

Saturn has a small pocket earth: have rain river sea

Titan's left for the river, the right side of the Nile.Images derived from network


due to the Titan is the four seasons, so when summer comes, methane in the oceans will evaporate, form clouds, can form at the appropriate time of rainfall.

Saturn has a small pocket earth: have rain river sea

Titan precipitation simulation figure

the Titan's atmosphere have a lot of methane, if all the high weight of the precipitation can submerge the entire Titan.So on Titan areas haven't rained several hundred years, sometimes will suddenly usher in precipitation.If precipitation occurred in the northern hemisphere, the sea water will be replenished, the outline of the ocean will also change.

the cassini arrived at a time when the Titan in the southern hemisphere at the end of the rainy season, so there is no observed precipitation.The Titan season alternation for 60 years, so the cassini basic didn't may be observed precipitation.However, it found that li JiYaHai have formed above the clouds, it seems in the northern hemisphere ears precipitation is coming.

it is worth mentioning that the gravity of the Titan is small, coupled with liquid methane liquid won't match with water.So the water there is like snowflakes falling down.

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