The human body can be sown on another planet?To continue the alien humanity!


one day, this kind of thing will happen.It is that astronauts in space death!

maybe death happened on our way to Mars.Perhaps in a starship, on a single ship, crew after death, the body was introduced, buried in the space.(like sailors during the great navigation are pushed into the sea!)

the body (or bodies of the spacecraft) can fly anywhere for decades to millions of years.It will slide listlessly in vain, until finally the slow gravity pull it into the cemetery.The body may be burned on a planet.

but if it is landing on a planet.Can our body, like a seed in the wind, can bring life to a new world?human body can be sown on another planet? To continue the alien man!

microbial communicators

there are two ways to imagine a human bodies in the plant life in the universe.Either by transmission live microorganisms, or on the way, all of these viruses, bacteria and other bacteria death - could be completely variation cause a brand new life.It looks like both are possible.

so the body can pass microbes to survive in space environment of the planet?The answer is ok, because our body is filled with our known microbes, even in the cold, dry environment, also can live.

and, we have sent the microbial extracted from permafrost, we already have one million time of microbes.On the flight to Mars, bacterial spore survive in the human body.In addition, other than the spore bacteria could survive.So like radioactive aureus microbes, we know it can be in the low level of water and high doses of ionizing radiation. there are three main factors affecting the body can take the microbial life fedex to another planet.Bodies of containers, storage environment and flight time.
human body can be sown on another planet? To continue the alien man!

first of all, if your body is rejected, you will be very lucky, you could spread the new life!You imagine floating in space space suit has a body, if it was a planet X gravitational pull in, any surviving microorganisms will burn in the atmosphere.So the body must be preserved well.So want to life to the spread of this planet x, then you have to hope the ship open after landing, so that the body level of play, and then spread life.

second, you must consider the storage body.If found floating in a spacecraft that will keep the temperature above freezing temperature, it is an ideal liquid water.Bacteria also have real limitations, because they can quickly decay of organic matter, if there are no animals like worms or beetles to help the process of decay, the human body can provide fuel for countless generations of bacteria.

one of the biggest factors may be the time of flight of a body.Travelling in the inner solar system must be in the range of microbial life, but your body flew over millions of years, it may be to another star system, such as our nearest star Proxima neighbors (Proxima Centauri), 4.2 light-years away, then the limiting factors will turn into radiation.human body can be sown on another planet? To continue the alien man!

your body floating in space, the longer the more it absorbs the cosmic radiation.Enough radiation can make a biological mutation of DNA and RNA, and unless these mutations fixed in transit, and you are accumulating equals the mutation rate, survival becomes possible.

so rich bosses spend themselves into space, after the death of the above three measures.In the earth for a lifetime, cow force to spread space life after death!

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