The thousands of scientists to join the team trump academic political controversy

the President of the United States first trump nomination for climate change sceptics Scott prut (Scott) Pruitt at the helm of the state environmental protection bureau (EPA), and to freeze its subsidies, angered many environmental researchers;On budget cuts after research grants, spread to cancer research, oceanography, and even national aeronautics and space administration (Nasa) earth monitoring.The issue is between him and the scientists more and more deep.

because of this, according to the UK, the guardian reported Saturday () the world earth day, tens of thousands of scientists will abandon the laboratory's neutrality, follow women protest March on Washington, join the political demonstrations against trump, the national mall in Washington, held a may have the biggest Science advocates protest -- "March for Science" (March for Science).

a Marine biologist, birds, climate researchers, and that the government does not trump criticism based on facts, scientists and so on behavior angered people.

in January this year, the parade of ideas in the United States the largest comprehensive community red di network (Reddit) is thrown in the first place.In the discussion, the university of Texas, a postdoctoral fellow at Jonathan Berman (Jonathan Berman) decided to put this idea into practice.One or two days later, he founded the parade attracted more than 3 million users face book page.

now, many people joined the march on logistics, there are more than 500 activities and global coordinates the parade.And, more than 100 organizations support the parade, such as the world's largest general science organization, the American association for the advancement of science, and the American geophysical union.

as a science symbol to many americans, Bill Nye (Bill Nye) and let the world pay attention to children's blood lead levels soared pediatrician Mona Hanna - Attisha become the honorary co-chair of the parade.

", Scientists from The lab to talk about important things, it is very necessary, "The national oceanic and atmospheric administration work for ten years, now in The Union of Concerned Scientists (The Union of Concerned Scientists) work of Andrew Rosenberg (Andrew Rosenberg) said.He believes that the younger generation of scientists, in the face of the threat to their career, more and more refused to remain silent.

a Marine biologist, the organizer, and Johnson (Ayana) Johnson believes that similar activities means that trump appear all over the world is not the only reason why scientists are unhappy, anti-intellectualism trend in the world, some politicians when it makes policy only based on emotion, not based on facts.

according to some scientists, the parade will only backfire.Trump is likely to be in response to an angry tweets, rather than to reconsider cancer research budget cuts.

American western Carolina university professor Robert Yang (Robert Young) published in the New York times titled, "Scientists in Washington parade Is A Bad Idea" (A Scientists' March on Washington Is A Bad Idea), points out that the Scientists should pay attention to scientific research, demonstration can make scientific SuoSuiHua, politicised.At the same time, he suggested that scientists could enter the civic groups, churches, schools and other institutions, to introduce people to science, rather than direct demonstrations.

according to the U.S. cable news network (CNN) reported, clearly aware of the criticism of the parade organisers also emphasize on the site, the parade was a definite non-partisan political movement.

"scientists won't politicize science," ready to participate in the parade's union of concerned scientists gray chang, Goldman (Gretchen Goldman), says Dr "whether academia acknowledges that science has been politicized."She believes that the parade is a good chance to expand scientific and political influence.

the Washington post position is bright, the commentary pointed out that whether against trump's political activities, or to show the power of the empirical study, parade will determines whether America will be able to maintain global leadership in the field of scientific research.

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