Guizhou a mine cut the earth 600 million years of history of experts: is this all over the world

"last November, we found that the problem is very serious, just looking for the three points and research value, prepared as a reserve point, but on April 1, to the scene, one of the points, and fully dig light!"A researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of nanjing geological paleontology mao-yan zhu said with regret.

the tomb-sweeping day this year, for the whole world is dark gray, palaeontology from, countries such as America, Britain's top scholars in weng 'an beidou mountain phosphate rock in guizhou.Field machines roar, the fossil record around 600 million years ago into the mountain fall under the mechanical arm of giant excavator, followed by the wheel is higher than one heavy trucks to phosphate fertilizer plant, made into fertilizer applied into the field.

"the world is this a"

"this is the study of the early history of the evolution of life on earth the only window, the world is this one, dug, no."

mao-yan zhu said the only window, is actually we research the human ancestor of the origin and early evolution of scientific evidence.

the people to make the earliest animal fossils of the era named Cambrian strata represent (4.85-541 million years ago).However, in 1998 the ediacaran weng 'an phosphate rock mining area formation was found in a large number of animal fossils, broke the scientific consensus.Save here so far the world's most ancient animal fossils (about 610 million years ago), for the study of animal origin and early evolution process, provides a unique empirical record.

weng 'an biota fossil record as one of the world's most ancient animals, whether its burial ability, fossil diversity, scientific value and influence in the international academia, buried before the Cambrian specific lineages are second to none.Since 1998, the related results of a large number of published in weng 'an biota including the nature, the United States "science" proceedings of the national academy of sciences and other international top academic journals.

a "living fossil" treasure quickly dug out

in recent years, local start large-scale open-pit mining, every day there are hundreds of heavy truck to transport ore.Origin in weng 'an "weng 'an biota and urn fu phosphate rock mining area, the best quality output before fossil of several mining pit have collapsed, buried section, is currently not observed from fossil formation, more can't make a research sample."Said Dr YanZongJun of nanjing geological paleontology.

weng 'an, with its rich resources of phosphate rock is known as the "Asian phosphorus storehouse".At present, weng 'an county 60% of their revenue from phosphate rock and affiliated industries.Beidou mountain phosphate rock for the local government and enterprises, jinshan silver.

"the key question is, is not weng 'an biota has finished research, scientists around the world is also a group of research, is a living, is producing results, at the end of march we also issued a related important results."Mao-yan zhu said.

the UK, the royal society, a professor at the university of Bristol, and Philip donoghue believes that the academic value of weng 'an biota reveal a premise, is to protect good locality makes scientific research can develop smoothly, thus calling for the protection of the world's unique weng 'an biota fossils.

a belated consensus can balance economic development and scientific research

"the core of the problem now is that the government, and all the people don't realize this place is the only, not elsewhere, meeting until last week did they understand this concept."Mao-yan zhu said.

does not need too much cost, protect the weng 'an biota scientists want to retain a core in the big mountain.However, there are several companies of weng 'an phosphate rock, mining right cross, conservation involves several related enterprises and several levels of government departments.

therefore, mao-yan zhu took several months to invite related departments and scientists pay attention to this matter.This year on April 1, from the ministry of land and resources, China ancient fossils protection foundation, the Chinese academy of sciences, as well as the related bureaus in guizhou, trait autonomous prefectures, weng 'an county party committee, government and related enterprises finally sat down in front of the table.

two days of meetings to discuss and field investigation, finally let everyone present three consensus: one is the big dipper weng 'an mountain of phosphate rock is a world-class precious fossils, weng 'an biota fossils core origin and classic geologic profile must be as a natural heritage to receive permanent protection.Second, given the phosphate rock mining and associated geological disasters, comprehensive damage of weng 'an biota fossils and geological profile or override, g. eco-systems.Three is the weng 'an biota fossil protection and development, the need and national area strategy and strategy for tourism in guizhou, the combination of all the way to combining the development of "five one" weng 'an county.

"weng 'an biota is not only of weng 'an, and it is in China, is all mankind, is universally concerned, irreplaceable non-renewable precious natural heritage, the end of it should not be phosphate fertilizer bags."Participating experts attention not only to the fate of the mountain, and remarkably consistent view.

(nanjing science and technology journal, April 9 (Reuters) Xu Yuhong reporter zhang Ye)

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