"God particle" god particle level, it had to let people suspect the existence of life

  • the higgs boson, is one of the standard model of particle physics predict zero spin of boson.Physicists higgs higgs mechanism is proposed.In this mechanism, a deficiency of spontaneous symmetry breaking of the higgs field, and the quality to spread and fermion specification.The higgs is the higgs field quantization of the field excitation, it through the interaction with quality.On July 2, 2012, The United States department of energy's Fermi national accelerator laboratory, announced that The latest laboratory data close to prove is called "The God Particle" of The existence of The higgs boson.

    on October 8, 2013, the Nobel Prize in physics in Sweden, Belgium, a theoretical physicist at francois engler and British theoretical physicist Peter higgs for the higgs boson theory predicts that winning the prize.

    in June 2014," god particle "research has shown that there is no such thing as" the universe ".

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