Human first aircraft fly out of the solar system, have Chinese songs and Chinese

on September 5, 1977 to give information to alien life for human beings, carry deep space probe no. 1 in the United States launched the travelers.Now has been in the past 40 years, it has been flying more than 100 kilometers, is the farthest aircraft flight for human being, and it creates another record: is the first aircraft fly out of the solar system.As of late 2016, the aircraft flew more than 40 years can still work normally.


voyager 1 not only took lots of pictures of Jupiter, Saturn and its moons, but also came to the end of the solar wind.In 2012, after flight on September 9, 11 billion kilometers, arrived at the edge of the solar system.On September 13, 2013, after more than a year of flight, voyager 1 formal flying out of the solar system to the human has never been to the deep space area, is a milestone of human exploration of space.


voyager 1 carry a 12 inch thick, gold-plated surface, concealed a phonograph needle record, including Chinese (mandarin, cantonese, hokkien, wu), 55 in human language, it with human greeting is:" say hello to the children (to you) of the earth "to the aliens."Water", which also includes China and world famous songs, there are more than 100 images of the human body structure and the solar system, want the future to encounter alien life when in contact with them.According to the plan, voyager 1, if can't find aliens in 2025, it may never have the news, because it's battery can work until 2030 years or so, then it is hardly enough to transmit signals back to earth power, then it can only have been flying to the depths of the universe, in the future were aliens found in contact with the earth.


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