New LiFi appear speeds over WiFi

in 2011, the Irish university professor Harald Haas is proposed for the first time - LiFi visible light communication technology, and put forward the first use of the light bulbs as wireless routers send WiFi signal.Now, LiFi has developed into ordinary LED lights for household use wireless optical communication system.Now a research team, eindhoven university of technology has found another way to achieve more secure, more stable wireless connection methods at the same time.

new LiFi appear explosion speed over WiFi

LiFi will replace WiFi?(photo: futurism)

the researchers developed a harmless use infrared ray as the medium of LiFi system.This system, each ray of wireless rate can reach 40 gbit/s, makes the LiF of wireless transmission rate is greater than that of WiFi wireless transmission rate.The researchers used infrared signal transmission network, the wavelength of 1500 nm is even higher.Within the distance of 2.5 meters, wireless transmission rate can be as high as 42.8 Gbit/s.In contrast, most of the WiFi network in equal distance wireless transmission rate not more than 300 mbit/s.

new LiFi appear explosion speed over WiFi

visible light communication become research direction (image: futurism)

this LiFi systems use optical antenna to transmit radio network data.The antenna can be very accurately from fiber to fiber, and each antenna with different wavelength and different angles to radiation light pair of grating, thus eliminating the wireless network signal interference.The antenna can be installed in the ceiling, the user to move to an optical antenna outside the scope of cover, will soon be in another antenna wireless signal emission limits.

new LiFi appear explosion speed over WiFi

LiFi is quicker than the WiFi (image: futurism)

add additional devices to a single antenna is not a problem, each device is endowed with unique wavelength.This set makes any two devices not Shared links, so laugh out of the network congestion.While the network congestion officially now a common cause of slow WiFi network connections.The LiFi system using grating can handle a lot of light, at the same time ensure that multiple devices when access to the Internet also smooth.LiFi can bring us a faster speed, and at the same time also need to enhance security.It is understood that the technology also need 5 years before it can be put into use, the researchers will continue to improve indoor wireless networks.

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