Human beings are invaders of the earth?The scientists found that human body clocks are 25 hours!

the theory of evolution is used to explain the biological variation phenomenon between generation and generation has a theory, but it can't explain whether humans evolved.

, for example, humans can't continue to sunlight, one to two weeks, and lizards can be exposed in the sun every day.At the same time, the human is very easy to get sick, it may be associated with human body clock is 25 hours, before had sleep experts put forward this idea.

human is the earth's invaders? Scientists found that the human body clocks are 25 hours!

in addition, when humans suffer from sunlight back to appear black skin, it also suggests that humans from a low center of gravity gravity planet, human are easy to bask in the sun.

not only that, the human also points out some problems such as difficult delivery.Humans born head relative to any animal on earth, the earth other local creatures have no this kind of phenomenon.What does it mean?

the ecologist swire points out, although the earth can meet the needs of many human life, but for many of the earth's natural environment is difficult to adapt to.Such as vulnerable to disease, exposure to the sun will be sunburn, skin will people don't like natural food, higher incidence of chronic diseases, etc.

Ellis, will is the famous ecologist, for people on the earth, a series of reactions, native suggests that humans are not the earth, but of the other planets.

throughout earth's history, if humans are evolved, so why other species upon earth one thousand years?Hairless monkeys, apes and so on why not evolved into a highly intelligent creatures?

dinosaurs before the human life and explain how to do!

human is the earth's invaders? Scientists found that the human body clocks are 25 hours!

maybe, human beings is the earth's invaders, wiped out the dinosaurs, created a new environment, the introduction of new biological, eliminate the threat to the survival of organisms.Like warcraft iii in the game, you must want to open more than mine, will have more resources!

so what planet humans really?Where are the headquarters?

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