Where human cells cannot regenerate once death

human where once the cell death cannot be reborn

we know that the human body cell regeneration ability is very strong, our skin, hair, for example, these cells can be regenerated and most of the cells in the human body can be renewable.So which cells in the human body will never be able to reborn again once the death?

the answer is that our brain cells.This is because we would not be proliferation once after the completion of the development of brain cells.People born in just, only about 12 billion brain cells, brain cells and our life has so much.That is why when we old memory and reaction force will decline, due to all of this is because the brain cell death.So we mustn't waste brain cells.Now, the brain cells of non-renewable solution does not have to study, but this is only temporary, maybe in the near future we can get the brain cells rebirth.

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