The latest quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

Canada quantum computer company D - Wave System recently announced that its latest developed computing power of quantum computer 2000 q 2 times that of the equipment.Although the new type of computer is the most advanced level, but still can't eliminate many of the scientists of the clouds, the they question if it lives up to its name.

new quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

2000 q quantum computer contains about 2000 quantum bits (qubits), is twice the previous generation of quantum computer.Traditional computer use bit 0 and 1 to process information, but quantum computer USES qubits to process information.Is the only one bit of status, while quantum bit allows the same time two state of the stack.

the researchers believe that "quantum superposition" this "secret weapon" ultimately may be able to make a quantum computer processing power is beyond the limits of conventional computers.

new quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

according to D - Wave company, they have the aid of some specifically for the problem of quantum devices (such as optimization) on its performance were tested, and the results with running on based on the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) equipment the results obtained are compared with the same algorithm, the results show that the it beats a CPU and a 2500 nuclear GPU system.

although D - Wave company did, but some people are still in the field of quantum computers are sceptical.In fact, the so-called red is more people, this is not a D - Wave doubt for the first time.

in 2007, D - Wave Systems, announced that they are using 16 superconducting qubits made quantum computer, the world shocked.

but actually, D - Wave machine does not make all entangled quantum bits, and not a quantum bit and then a quantum bit programming, but instead, use a program called "quantum annealing (quantum annealing)" technology. under the technology, each quantum bit and the nearby only quantum entanglement.

new quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

at the time, many scientists have questioned whether it was true quantum computers.Critics say, D - Wave didn't conquer many recognized quantum computing problem, such as quantum error correction.

the industry, including Google and lockheed Martin, Montana, a few companies, buy and test the D - Wave devices.The results show that the D - Wave did something can be called quantum computing, and when dealing with some specific task is faster than conventional computers.

however, D - Wave equipment is really shocking, also let a person see the huge potential of the quantum computers that Google, Microsoft and other technology giants bow in homage, are spending heavily involved in the development of quantum computers work.

new quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

Google scientists announced last year, they have demonstrated that D - Wave device can really work.As DT jun colleagues in the United States San Francisco stood stationmaster Tom simone said at the time, the algorithm used in the whole process can make D - Wave has more advantages than conventional computers.

and, as explained by the journal nature: D - a Wave of quantum bits are relatively easy to use, the this can make the company developed the first economically viable quantum computer, but into has played havoc played havoc, this quantum bit is very fragile, and more easily than other lab is developing quantum bit lost quantum state.

as a result, many scientists suspect, compared with the traditional computer, D - a Wave of the company's equipment can get quantum computer computing ability index level of ascension.

although the outside world, unable to agree, new computer already have a buyer.D - Wave, according to a company called "Temporal Defense Systems," the company already for $15 million, bought a 2000 q equipment, use it for network security field.

new quantum computer unit price $15 million successful sale

and, D - Wave had developed the quantum computer has at lockheed Martin, the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) and Google to establish the artificial intelligence laboratory (mainly do research in machine learning), los alamos national laboratory (LANL) and other places on the "tall" found nowhere to go.

at the same time, from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many scientists in universities are struggling to develop own quantum computer, but still can not produce economically viable equipment at present.

but D - Wave, the company said the it plans to make the equipment in the number of qubits doubling every two years.

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