UK media: the moon from the earth by many times the impact debris after polymerization into?

foreign media said, scientists say, the moon is likely to be in ancient earth after repeatedly crash and a large number of debris in orbit.

according to the guardian website reported on January 9, the computer simulations show that a series of collisions between 100 million and release enough material formation satellites in orbit, and eventually form these satellites in orbit the moon.

at the weizmann institute of science in Israel, the researchers said as long as the size of the moon or Mars 20 rock star is enough to finish the work.

this assumption and is now widely recognized views contradict each other.Existing view is that the moon was born in the earth suffered a severe crash: a mars-sized body collided with the young earth, and to the space released 700 billion tons of rock.

the study authors, luca LuFu conducted a series of computer simulations, the early solar system for a long time to study the stars collide whether can let the earth release enough material to form the moon.Computer simulations show that some stars positive impact for the earth to space to release a large amount of rock, and some low Angle impact speed up the rotation of the earth.

LuFu said: "we believe that many times the impact is likely to form a with the moon in the composition of the earth have the same. If there are 20 stars hit the earth, you may need to about 100 million years to form the moon."

the study published in the nature geoscience journal.

computer simulations show that high-energy collisions will often rich in earth rock debris into space, form a circle around the earth.Then, each circle of the material gathered to form a small satellite.These small satellites to rotate and aggregation and other small satellite, forming a larger satellites.

UK media: the moon from the earth by many times the impact debris after polymerization and become?

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