Scientists say the planet "hundred there is life," the one hundred available time of landing in the future


2 degrees north of the libra star, range earth 20.4 light (193 trillion km) , there are a number of Gliese 581 star , quality about the sun 1/3, is the most close to the stars of the solar system 87, this is a special attention by scientists to star, not because of how special the star?But because this star has more planets in the habitable zone, scientists believe there might be similar to the planet of the earth.

scientists say

British astronomers observed data based on HARPS thinks that there are five planet, Gliese 581 is the most appropriate their orbiting stars cycle time is 3, 5, and 13, 67, and 400 days.First discovered in in April, 2007, astronomers observed around the planet Gliese 581 c is suitable for living area.In April 2009, according to the latest findings show that its another planet Gliese 581 d, also in the habitable zone, according to the scientists of the greenhouse effect, the planet may have for the existence of liquid water, and even there may be a "deep and vast ocean". on September 29, 2010, astronomers announced the discovery gliese 581 f and gliese 581 g, both to approximate circular orbit.

scientists say

581 g because the star tidal locking relationship, its always with a tide to the stars, so in the day and night at the junction of supposedly may have similar to the temperature of the earth, there is likely to have the presence of liquid water.The in astrophysics at the university of California Dr Steve vogt said dare "100% sure" existence of life on this planet, because the planet there is atmosphere, gravity is similar to the earth, climate is not too cold nor too hot, has a form of liquid water, oceans, lakes and rivers is very suitable for life to form .So he said "the universality of individual thinks, in view of life and flourish in the appropriate environment orientation, I dare say there was life on this planet is the possibility of 100%, to this, I almost don't skeptical."

scientists say

because there are 20 light-years from earth , to human view of science and technology of current , want to go here it is almost impossible, at nearly the speed of light flying spacecraft takes 20 years to reach.But in the development of science and technology, scientists think human or can reflect light as the driving power of spacecraft, hawking has proposed human spaceship can produce 20% of the speed of light, also said the desire and Russian scientists and investors to develop the project, if the future human really that can travel at 1/5 the speed of light, human only need to flight 100, can reach the twenty light-years away another earth.

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