Famous geophysicists and jilin university professor Huang Danian died at age 58

famous physicist, jilin university professor Huang Danian earth, died at the age of 58,

Huang Danian

the national "one thousand project" expert party third executive committee, vice President of professor Huang Danian due to illness treatment is invalid, on January 8, 2017, 13 38 points in changchun, died at age 58.

Huang Danian is a famous professor geophysicists, selfless patriots, jilin university, national "one thousand project" distinguished professor, emerging cross department minister, as earth detection at jilin university, professor, school of science and technology, national special equipment research and development of deep investigation project's chief scientist, national theme of 863 air detection equipment project's chief scientist, professor Huang Danian is responsible for the coordination and organization management in our country across departments and interdisciplinary technical resources and team, fully tap the in ultra-high precision machinery and electronic technology, nano and micro-motor technology, high and low temperature superconducting principle, principle of cold atom interferometer technology, optical fiber technology and inertial technology in areas such as the latest achievements and formed the technical ability, for the first time to promote our country fast moving platform detection technology and equipment research and development, the research technique bottleneck, break through the foreign technology blockade, is returning technology country, a model of a new era!

professor Huang Danian immortal!

memorial service etc. The follow-up issues with family members, unit again after the announcement.

hereby obituary.

"one thousand plan" expert party the third session of the executive council

on January 8, 2017,

(formerly titled the national "one thousand project" in the bumpy association, vice President of professor Huang Danian ")

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