Look at the world in the minds of foreign eight big star!


8 - adm. yi sun-sin
see a world in the minds of foreign eight star! north Korea only take a shot in the history of man.He is one hundred rare sea the wizards.It's hard to like in Korea WeiGuoZhan nonyl Chen did not have the he would be a what kind of situation.The battle of sound Liang Haixia his twelve ships to repel manages to ship to more than three hundred and thirty ships but also its seekriegsgeschichte on a wonder of the world.

7, khalid

every nation has their hero.The arabs are no exception.

in the 7th century to emerge from the expansion of the Arab nation out of the countless star.Card khalid is one of them.

he is Arab people proudly called "the sword of Allah".He rate of Arab armies in battle, he cuhk east Luo Majun.

he had made when another elite eastern Roman emperor chirac and Syria farewell: sadly beautiful Syria, goodbye!

sixth - Alexander suvorov, vassili has
see a world in the minds of foreign eight star! suvorov, first in the history of the Russian tycoon.

he is western military history rare fight the wizards.He repeatedly evidence in the soil the war, he defeated the French in the expedition to Italy.

he is the only a Napoleonic era can match with napoleon commander in chief.

can history but unfortunately no one can give them opportunities to confrontation.

fifth - William heinz guderian

you know tank battle?Do you know blitz?If it is, you must have heard of the name guderian.

because he is the father of tanks, because he was a hero blitz.William heinz guderian, was the best commander in chief of the world war ii on land.

fourth -- -- Julian Caesar

Julius Caesar, a symbol of ancient Rome.At the same time, he is also a very will fight figure.He in Gaul, accumulated the enough strength.Later, he and Pompey equal, in the nou camp to world war I fight against longer odds, Pompey demise.Feng refers to place followed by soldiers, no one can enemy.Asia minor, north Africa, Spain, war, Caesar almost became a synonym for victory.

the third -- napoleon
see a world in the minds of foreign eight star!, in the modern history in the world who can and napoleon?Napoleon, it almost became a big emperor across Europe, is the world's military history a great wonder.Battle of toulon napoleon on the glory.Later, his achievements in the military can let a person can't believe it.Ask who can like him so much brilliant victory?Ask who can like him and let the whole of Europe to tremble?He is the pride of the French heart forever.The whole of the Alps are under my feet!

second - Hannibal

if someone asks me do you like most in the history of the world's generals who is it?I will not hesitate to say Hannibal the name.He is a lone male.In Rome, and the war, he led sixty thousand people into Roman territory, alone, repeated miracle;Hannibal had fought with elephants, lead the Carthage's defeated the Romans.Candy, the battle is on the top of his life.But stupid Carthage's powerful but ruined the god to give them a genius.Hannibal lecter ended up a loser, but his name than any winners make people respect.

first - genghis khan
see a world in the minds of foreign eight star! some people don't know the name of genghis khan in the world?No.Genghis khan, the hero of the era blitzkrieg.

his Mongol horsemen of the Christian world in Europe, Asia and the islamic world all scares.

genghis khan had fought countless, destroy the hundreds, of losing their victories.

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