Scientists using the interactive game let more people know about the Antarctic penguin ice streams

with the greenhouse effect, the melting of Antarctic ice has very big effect on the global sea level.In addition to the weather factors, caused many creatures living in the South Pole is also negative effects.In order to get more people of the world's attention, from the university of Exeter in England many scientists together to create a game called "Ice Flows", cute penguins as leading role, by controlling the ocean temperatures and snow to shape the Antarctic penguins habitat and ensure that they are comfortable life.

penguin scientists interaction game let more people know about the Antarctic ice streams

the natural geography, a senior lecturer at the university of Exeter Anne Le Brocq said: "Antarctic ice sheets respond to climate change is very complex, so it is difficult to use transparent way and the general public for effective communication. Through the game can not only let users more intuitive understanding of the system, but also can provide a real environment to allow the player to fully understand the behavior of the ice sheet and the effects on the environment."

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