16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

green home planet of our everyday lives, to know how much is it?Only 24 hours a day?If the earth is round?It is reported that the earth humans have asa destroyed left more than 2000 people worldwide?These amazing fact believe that few people know.

the following sort out 16 big surprising facts about the earth, let everybody to know this beautiful planet of people's life.

1, the earth is not round

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

the earth is not round (grace)

the earth is not a perfect sphere.In fact, around the equator bouffant, forming a "spare wheel" structure.Earth's polar radius is 3949, 99 miles (6356, 89 km), and the equatorial radius is 3963, 34 miles (6378, 38 kilometers).

2, earth's highest point is mount Everest

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

earth's highest point is mount Everest.

mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, at an altitude of 29035 feet (8849, 87 m).But because the earth is not round, located near the equator of the mountain is actually closer to the stars, so earth's highest point theory is Ecuador qin bora SuoShan (Mount Chimborazo), its height is only 6272 meters above sea level, than Mount Everest "high" out of the 2400 meters.

3, the earth and the moon is slowly far

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

grow far distance between earth and the moon.

the scientists 25 years of observation, the study found the moon's orbit is expanding gradually, that is to say, the moon is gradually away from us.Scientists calculated, points out that the radius of the moon around the earth every year will add 4 cm.

4, human thoughts had become extinct Only more than 2000 people worldwide

according to the latest study found that 70000 years ago human once with only 2000 people.The latest study mainly by detecting human DNA (through maternal genetic offspring), found in 90000 to 150000 years ago, southern Africa and huo mulberry benefactor separation with other human beings.The latest study revealed some important events in human history.

5, there are "people" in "charge" to earth

there are "people" in the "recharge" to the earth.

in 1917, scientists have found that the surface of the earth with negative electricity, the earth will be charged, but why, what is the "charger" of the earth, but no one can say clear.

the study found that in some areas in the sunny days, between the earth and the air can produce electric current, the intensity of up to 1500 amperes.But because the earth is too large, so the current will soon disappear, but the current must be due to some ACTS as the role of "charger".But the identity of the scientists on this "charger" still no conclusion.

6. The surface of the earth's gravity is not exactly the same

in the coastal areas of Indian people's weight will be light, and in the south of the Pacific, but will be more heavy.And the cause of the difference is in the study, NASA's launch in 2002, the GRACE of the twin satellites are now on the earth's gravitational field detailed measurements, which may help scientists to find the cause of the gap of gravity.

7. Every day in the earth's atmosphere "escape"

according to the study found that some gas molecules, the edges of the earth's atmosphere will "escape" from the bondage of earth's gravity to the universe beyond earth's atmosphere.This process is slow, but things have been going on.

and lighter hydrogen molecules for light weight and easy to fly to outside of the atmosphere, so the atmosphere will be suitable for biological survival.But you also don't have to worry about hydrogen in one day will disappear around the earth, because hydrogen and oxygen combine to form the H2O molecules, it became very stable, not easily "escaped into the atmosphere.

8, the earth's atmosphere will fluctuation

it is well known that water at high tide effect is closely related to the moon's gravity on the earth, but few people know that the moon's gravity will also have the effect of the fluctuation on the earth's atmosphere.Theory, points out that the moon's gravitational influence on the earth's atmosphere in the tropics near the obvious, put the air becomes thinner, but the effectiveness of the impact than to the influence of water on earth is much smaller.

9, the poles of the magnetic field exist multiple alternate swap

in history, the poles of the magnetic exchange happened more than once.North magnetic pole was first discovered in 1831, in 1904, only to find that it has moved 50 kilometers.But why would deflect or swap pole, is still a mystery.

10, the running speed of the earth in accelerating

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

running speed in the accelerating of the earth.

according to the scientists found that the earth's rotation speed is imperceptible in speeding up, the earth rotation and a week's time is shorter than in the past a few milliseconds.Scientists believe that the angular velocity of the earth is increasing, but the specific change reason is not clear.But through the observation, found that the earth between January and February running speed is the slowest.

11, the earth has to produce a free oscillation of the earth's rotation direction is called chandler shock

in 1891 astronomers discovered in the United States, in 433 days, the earth's rotation Angle deflection of 1/3600 of a second, that is to say, the earth's poles and position deviation from the original 3 ~ 15 meters.In 2006, the scientists found that the earth's chandler shock has been terminated, but has been unknown cause and stop the shocks.

12, not 24 hours a day

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

not 24 hours a day.

the green home to circle the earth's axis rotation, actual it is 23 56 minutes and 4 seconds.This is the so-called "day", namely meridian on the same site to see the sun two intervals of time.At this time of the year as many as 16 minutes difference.

13, the earth is the only planet with plate tectonics

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

the earth is the only planet with plate tectonics.(wikipedia)

scientists generally believed that the earth is made up of seven important tectonic plate, they move in a different direction about 10 centimeters a year, the formation of mountains, valleys and other landscape.At the same time will lead to natural phenomena such as volcanoes and earthquakes.Although these activities seem to lead to disaster, but also make creatures living elements - "carbon" circulation, and recycling.

14, the earth has a sister named "theia" planet

there are scientists believe that the earth's orbit there was one named "theia" sister planet.Similar to the size of Mars, in our 60 degree Angle in operation of the front or rear.4.5 billion years ago in one afternoon, theia suddenly hit the earth, most is absorbed by the earth.

15, more than 90% of the ocean belongs to the unknown world

although human has to explore space, the moon, Mars, but for the vast ocean.Humans have studied area is less than 10%.Including 97% of sea water and 99% of habitat area.Although it has identified more than 210000 kinds of Marine life, but there may be 25 million kinds of needs us to research.

16, earth, the lowest temperature of minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 89.22 degrees c)

16 big surprising facts about the earth, how much do you know?

the lowest temperature of minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 89.22 degrees c).

on July 21, 1983 in Antarctica vostok station records in Russia to earth the most low temperature minus 89.22 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature and the earth was recorded on September 13, 1922, in Libya are numerous (El Azizia) of 57.8 degrees Celsius.

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