Scientists developed the 1 micron thick thin solar cell

report from our correspondent the south Korean scientists had developed the flexible enough to be surrounded by ordinary pencil thin solar cell.This kind of flexible solar cells can be like fitness tracker and intelligent glasses wearable electronic equipment power supply.Recently, researchers in the United States association of physical subordinates the journal applied physics letters reported the results.

"our solar cell thickness at about 1 micron."Gwangju science technology engineer Jongho Lee said.1 micron than a normal human hair thin a lot.Compared with the latest achievements on the standard solar cells usually thick hundreds of times.Even most of the other thin solar cells is 2 ~ 4 times thicker than that.

the researchers used gallium arsenide semiconductor made into the ultrathin solar cells.They didn't use glue can increase the material thickness, but the battery directly printed on a flexible substrate.Then, through the melt pressure under 170 ℃ and a material called photoresist and acted as a temporary adhesive most surface, cell was cold welding onto the substrate electrode.After the photoresist, stripped off, leaving the direct bonding of metal and metal body.

the underlying metal also ACTS as a reflector, the stray photons reflected back to solar cells.The researchers tested the efficiency of the cells that convert sunlight into electricity, found its can be comparable to similar thicker solar cells.They also started to bend test, found that the battery can be around the bend radius as small as 1.4 mm object.

at the same time, the team has carried on the numerical analysis on batteries.Studies have shown that they withstand the stress value of only 3.5 microns thick, similar to a quarter of the battery."Thinner battery stronger when bending, but similar performance, even a little better."Lee said the .(chung wa)

"proceedings in China" (the 2016-07-26 edition of the international 2)

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