Scientists plan to leave human fire in case of extinction in other galaxies

scientists plan to leave humans in other galaxies fire to prevent genocide

the scientists plan to human DNA into other galaxies, in order to prevent the extinction of mankind.

according to the daily express reports, because of concerns about human survival time has been on earth soon, scientists are working on a contingency plans, establish a "cosmic cloud" human data.

for now, experts are neither technology nor knowledge can let them to carry a lot of human to nearby habitable planet, and 14 light-years away the nearest habitable planet runs at a speed of 300000 kilometers per second (light years distance).That's why scientists are considering setting a cosmic cloud to backup the possibility of human data, in case we really encounter is inevitable demise.

this is called "the voice of the human" the program plans to use the laser driven spacecraft data, information, and even DNA into space, so that the human data will always retained in the universe.In a sense the human can achieve eternal life.Research team hopes to raise $30000 by 2017 will be stored with images and data of a computer chip into low earth orbit, and more distant tasks like the moon and Mars will be in the future.

researchers said: "once we raised $100000 m, we can build a complex laser and telescopes on the ground, so you can send your data by laser to you select target universe. We are able to put your data coding, and then at the speed of light to into it to other star systems in the universe."

, the researchers said the project is the universe as our "cosmic cloud," storage of human images, video, text and DNA, etc.Many well-known scientists are also very support this project, which contains the NASA Philip Lubin, he also participated in the professor Stephen Hawking's "Breakthrough Starshot" project.

Lubin professor said: "we sometimes say 'we want to do backup for humans, this is not a joke, but what we really want to do. Personally, I would like to life on earth a blueprint into the universe, keep the method how to rebuild our human."(traveler/compile)

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