The probe in 2018 will be the sun's outer atmosphere to do further research

detector 2018 the United States will do research into the sun's outer atmosphere

according to foreign media reports, last week, NASA announced solar probe task has entered the last development stage before launch in 2018.The detector is by Johns Hopkins university applied physics laboratory (JHUAPL) build.Solar probe additional tasks will be not less than 7 times in Venus flyby, and into the corona or the sun's outer atmosphere.Some scientific detail sneak peek: the sun's energy flows where?How is the outer atmosphere is heated?It is the task will mainly explore problems.60 years scientists have long dreamed of flying over the corona, but because of the limits of science and technology has been unable to get through, now finally able to find out.

Johns Hopkins university applied physics laboratory, officials said the additional mission is a real sense of exploration task, the detector will be close to the sun, class from subsonic to supersonic observation of the solar wind speed.It will also fly over the highest to the birthplace of solar particles.Detector with the help of gravity to reduce fuel requirements are very common, but is the time for solar probe additional tasks, because between 2018 to 2024, it will be seven times Venus flyby.Only after the seventh time it can achieve close enough for all of the scientific exploration.That is to say, it seven times over the detector will not be doing nothing, when it passes through Venus, a picture of some of the Venus will use certain devices observation.

when close to the sun the sun detectors have to withstand high temperature.Recent can reach 5.9 million km, it even more than when mercury is the most close to the sun nearly 7 times.Also broke the record, helios 2 detectors in the helios 2 just grazed inside the orbit of mercury, in April 1976, about 44 million meters from the sun by the sun.In both near and afar off, the probe will be observed in the solar wind, the sun internal energy transfer and near a superheated gases called dust plasma.

there are many mysteries around the sun's magnetic field.Main one is why the sun transform every 11 years magnetic, from a few sunspots weak body into a injection solar flares monster, then turned back to a weak body before converting magnetic again.Solar probe of additional task is an important content to detect the magnetic field and other parts of the sun to predict the next into the earth's solar flares at what time will occur.Intense solar flares can damage satellites, and power lines.

want to close for a long time to stay in the vicinity of the sun, the detector must be able to have the ability to withstand high temperature.Solar probe will launch made of carbon foam 8 feet wide 4.5 inches of obstructions.Solar panels will revolve around the sun in order to ensure the solar panels to keep appropriate heat and energy, and according to the situation for shrink or stretch.(logic/compile)

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